Article: Holistic Well-being: HR leaders share winning strategies to combat employee attrition

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Holistic Well-being: HR leaders share winning strategies to combat employee attrition

Read here how organizations including IBM, Randstad India, Publicis Sapient, EY GDS, MMT, Amazon India, Kenvue, Adecco India, Poonawalla FinCorp, and Brookfield Prop. promote holistic well-being and talent retention.
Holistic Well-being: HR leaders share winning strategies to combat employee attrition

Are we still discussing talent retention through employee well-being? Absolutely. Why? Because well-being plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive work environment, leading to increased job satisfaction and subsequently reducing turnover rates among invaluable employees. Hence, People Matters sought the expertise of HR leaders who have successfully addressed employee attrition through impactful well-being initiatives and strategies. Dive into insightful strategies as these HR leaders share their pearls of wisdom. 

How to effectively prioritize employee well-being?

Deepti Varma, VP of People Experience Technology at Amazon India, Japan & Emerging Markets shared, “Amazon is committed to cultivating a culture that embraces and supports mental health across our organization. We've developed holistic strategies prioritizing employee and family well-being, focusing on education, destigmatizing mental health, providing resources, and strategically using digital tools – a reflection of Amazon's commitment to well-being aligned with our core values.

Comprehensive Well-being Programmes  - At Amazon, we elevate employee well-being to a fundamental aspect of our organizational mission and values, ensuring that our workforce possesses the necessary resources and support to address their mental health needs comprehensively. To tackle the multifaceted challenge, we provide an expansive array of wellness programs and resources for employees and their families. Our flagship wellness initiative, ‘Svasthya’ focuses on the overall health and wellbeing of our employees, enabling them to lead better work and lives. We have programs organized ranging from physical, emotional, social, and financial well-being to support through consultations. We constantly train and educate our people managers with resources on best practices, sessions, and FAQs to help them navigate and cater to employees in their teams. Many of our business teams also engage employees through speaker-led sessions on topics like emotional wellness.

  • Our mental health support includes the Employee Assistance Program (EAP), providing confidential counselling for employees and their families 24/7. Our AI-powered digital solutions offer immediate access to mental health tools. The global 'Mental Health and Well-Being' employee-led group champions awareness and support, connecting members, hosting events, and emphasizing open discussions. Our Paediatric Care Program extends mental health benefits for employees' children, addressing various behavioural health needs through counseling, coaching, and practical support.
  • Our real-time survey platform ensures confidential continuous feedback, leveraging machine learning to enhance employees' experiences and make 'Every Day Better.' We prioritize sensitizing leaders to higher Emotional Quotient (EQ) and empathy, introducing Listening Circles for critical incident support, grief content, and a dedicated line. Our goal is to create a workplace where employees feel safe, authentic, and able to perform at their best in all aspects of their lives.”

She added, “To ensure a holistic well-being experience, robust leadership is crucial. Employees seek empathetic leaders who create safe, productive, and enjoyable workplaces. The changing work landscape demands adaptive strategies, especially in hybrid models. Working remotely may lead to isolation and impact well-being. HR leaders should address mental health challenges through comprehensive programs, including virtual counseling, online platforms, and support hotlines, collaborating with professionals for valuable guidance.”

“At Kenvue, we are guided by our shared purpose to realise the extraordinary power of everyday care. We know when people take care of their health, it allows them to engage fully in the workplace. We are committed to building a culture of care where the personal health and well-being of our employees are of utmost importance, shared Shipra Saraf, Head HR, India – Kenvue

Highlighting some of the best strategies, she added, “At Kenvue, we provide a range of wellness policies, resources, and world-class benefits, tailoring our offerings to individual needs for comprehensive employee well-being. Our unique Global Wellbeing reimbursement empowers employees to personalize their health approach, supporting activities like healthy eating, movement, and emotional well-being. Such as:

  • Mental well-being initiatives - To support mental well-being, we provide a 24x7 Employee Assistance Policy for counseling, helping employees balance their professional and personal lives. We conduct health and wellness educational sessions online and on the ground, fostering skills for overall well-being.
  • Healthy and flexible workspaces - Our workplaces feature facilities for overall well-being, providing healthy eating choices and movement options through on-site or virtual classes like gym, yoga, meditation, and stretching. In-house health professionals, including physiotherapists and dieticians, regularly address employees' physical and nutritional queries. We've embraced a hybrid workplace model, capturing the energy of in-person interactions while offering remote flexibility for optimal employee performance. Our benefits extend to ergonomic workstation setups, ensuring comfort for remote work.
  • Focus on rest and recharge - Prioritizing rest and recharge is crucial for energy, productivity, and mental health. We encourage employees to utilize leave policies to maintain work-life balance. This year, all Kenvuers received a Global Care Day—a day off for health and well-being. Supporting employees individually fosters a fully engaged and high-performing workforce.

Thirukkumaran (Thiru) Nagarajan, Vice President and head of HR, IBM India/South Asia said, “At IBM, wellness is inseparable from business objectives and long-term employee goals. The company has a strategic approach towards wellness and our well-being strategy is evaluated and built every year in response to the changing employee needs.  Global and local needs are evaluated and incorporated into the strategy every year towards continual improvement. IBM India’s well-being initiatives focus on preventive care, healthy lifestyle choices, and good decision-making from a healthcare standpoint.

Sharing an example he said, "A key change that we institutionalized after recognizing the fatigue in the industry among employees after working remotely for a prolonged period. ‘Mental Health Allies’ was a new program created by an in-house team of IBM occupational health and safety professionals for employees who wanted to help colleagues experiencing burnout or other mental health issues safely by making them “mental health allies”. The Mental Health Ally course does not cover diagnosis, nor do employees become therapists. It shows people how to dial back a crisis: spot warning signs, react empathetically, make people aware of resources, and create a psychologically safe work culture. Employees learn the limits of being an “ally” and not being a substitute for a qualified mental health professional. 

The above initiative is separate from our employee assistance program which has been in place at IBM India since 2005, called Mitr. The free confidential program is available to all IBMers and their immediate families where avail counselling can be availed for their emotional health issues."

Sharing how Adecco proactively addressed the mental health and work-life balance amid the evolving work landscape, Jayita Roy, VP-HR, Adecco India, “At Adecco, we prioritize the mental health and work-life balance of our employees and associates amidst the ever-evolving work landscape. We have implemented a comprehensive approach to foster a healthy work environment, evident in our initiatives:

  • Wellness Program Launch: Adecco India launched a company-wide 'Wellness Program' at the year's start, addressing physical, mental, and social well-being—a proactive approach to supporting employees' overall health.
  • Value-Added Health Services: Adecco partnered with a health insurance provider, extending support beyond conventional benefits. Value-added services like a medi app, online consultation, and counselling highlight our commitment to accessible and modern healthcare solutions.
  • Monthly Awareness Webinars and Engagement Activities: Adecco hosts monthly webinars with industry experts, providing tools and insights for employees to navigate challenges and fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.
  • Employee Feedback Surveys: Adecco conducts regular feedback surveys to ensure initiative effectiveness and gauge impact. This proactive approach allows us to pulse-check employee sentiments, identify areas for improvement, and tailor future initiatives to evolving needs.”

She concluded, “These initiatives showcase our commitment to fostering a supportive and healthy work environment. Prioritizing mental health and work-life balance empowers our workforce to thrive in the ever-evolving work landscape.”

Ashish Mehta, Chief of Staff at Poonawalla Fincorp shared, "We recognize the reality of lifestyle-related health concerns across business sectors. To address this, we operate the Wellness 360 program, designed to go beyond the work landscape and cover Social, Financial, Physical, and Emotional well-being areas. The initiative aims to nurture work-health balance, specifically addressing lifestyle diseases through health campaigns, guest lectures, and preventive healthcare packages. Our mobile app provides access to holistic well-being initiatives, including 24X7 consultations and online counseling. Recognized with a 'Silver Award' for promoting a 'Healthy Workplace' by Arogya World, our Wellness 360 program aligns with employee expectations and reinforces a healthy environment through various communication channels."

Delving into the subject, Garima Mishra, Senior Vice President and Head of Human Resources at Brookfield Properties India said, “We proactively cultivate a workplace culture prioritizing mental well-being, empowering employees to seek support. We address the stigma surrounding mental health through our confidential Employee Assistance Portal (EAP), offering resources and trained counsellors. Our focus is on equipping the workforce with life skills to foster resilience in facing personal and professional challenges.”

We have implemented a comprehensive range of initiatives designed to enhance the overall well-being of our workforce, fostering a culture of care and support that extends beyond the workplace:

  • Quarterly doctor checkups - Empowering our employees to prioritize their health, we provide quarterly doctor checkups for convenient access to preventive care, screenings, health assessments, and expert guidance. Prioritizing preventive care helps identify and address health concerns early, fostering a healthier and resilient workforce.
  • Periodic Information Sessions - We host periodic information sessions led by esteemed field experts covering self-defense, disease management, and work-life balance. These knowledge-sharing initiatives foster a culture of continuous learning and self-discovery, empowering employees to make informed decisions and approach life's challenges with confidence.
  • Emergency Safety App - Committed to leveraging cutting-edge technology, our ICE app-24 Response serves as a digital safety net, ensuring rapid response in critical situations. Beyond its physical security capabilities, this innovative app instills confidence and trust among our employees, providing immediate assistance at hand.

“In response to the ever-evolving work landscape, we have strategically prioritized our employees' mental health and work-life balance by anchoring our approach on our core value of Caring and embracing Agility as a guiding principle,” shared Yuvaraj Srivastava, Group CHRO, MakeMyTrip.

Adding, “Our proactive initiatives include an AI-based chatbot for regular employee engagement and prompt issue resolution. 

  • The Rewards and Recognition framework celebrates exceptional performance, teamwork, innovation, and collaboration. We maintain a perpetual celebration culture through spot awards, appreciation weeks, and diverse engagement activities, focusing monthly on areas like sports and mental well-being. 
  • We empower self-development through online learning modules and targeted skill enhancement sessions. Curated hobby clubs and unique offsite experiences encourage camaraderie, while flexibility-centric policies grant autonomy over the workday. 
  • Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is reflected in active awareness initiatives. 
  • Prioritizing physical well-being, we offer sports tournaments, gym memberships, wellness activities, in-office doctor visits, and flexible Medi-claim policies.
  • Regular check-ins help us swiftly course-correct, fostering a thriving work environment that supports evolving employee needs.

Shefali Sharma Garg, India People Success Head at Publicis Sapient underlined, “At Publicis Sapient, nurturing our team’s mental well-being isn't just a checkbox; it's woven into the the fabric of our culture. Our orientation is that holistic well-being should be a part of our everyday work life, and not a separate initiative.”

Sharing the most effective strategies within her organization, she added, “Our approach to well-being covers both mental and physical health, in an environment where everyone can thrive holistically.

  • Creating a psychologically safe space is key here, where everyone feels free to grow without fear of judgment, mistakes are seen as stepping stones toward learning, and where every voice is valued. This philosophy of well-being intertwines mental health and a secure environment, nurturing a culture where our people feel supported and are their best selves.
  • Making well-being a priority isn't just a plan—it's how we want to live, amidst a happier team with stronger connections. A safe and supportive work environment with a focus on well-being doesn't just help our people feel better, it also makes them want to stick around. When people feel supported and valued, they're more likely to stay and give their best. 
  • Our Mental Health Business Resource Group (BRG) has been pivotal in this journey, offering empathetic spaces and continuous sessions with counsellors to support our people through tough times.
  • A unique initiative that's been particularly impactful is our network of Mental Wellbeing Ambassadors (MWA). These trained individuals serve as the first point of contact for anyone seeking aid with their mental health. They're compassionate listeners, providing a confidential and safe space for our team members. The MWAs are available on an anonymous helpline every Friday. The MWAs also receive requests for conversations throughout the year outside of the helpline from people who choose to speak to them for support in complete confidence. The topics range from work stress to personal challenges, parenting and such.”

Sachi Bhargava, EY GDS Global Total Rewards Leader said, “Work and wellness are two of the most important aspects of our lives. Professionals in today’s rapidly evolving world are looking for organizations that support them in both these aspects and help them achieve their goals.

The way we work has evolved significantly in the past few years, transitioning from office to full-time remote work, and now into a hybrid model. This hybrid approach is likely to continue, with organizations offering comprehensive support for professionals' overall well-being, encompassing mental, social, physical, and financial wellness.

  • At EY, we prioritize our people's wellness, recognizing that we thrive when they thrive. At EY Global Delivery Services (GDS), our wellness offerings cover financial, physical, emotional/mental, and social aspects, allowing choice and catering to our professionals' diverse needs, we offer:
  • A comprehensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with a vendor partner to provide professional mental health support in the form of counseling for our colleagues and their families.
  • Monthly sponsored wellness workshops with external health experts covering various aspects of wellness.
  • Utilizing technology-enabled tools with gamification, we support our people's holistic wellness journeys. Professionals can access guided meditation programs and engage with experts through these applications.
  • EY GDS offers corporate benefits, providing exclusive discounts to professionals and their loved ones for wellness activities, including holiday experiences with a networked group of hotels and gym memberships.
  • Teams engage in employee engagement activities both in our offices and virtually, serving as visible reminders to prioritize wellbeing. 
  • We encourage professionals to pursue passions beyond work through purpose councils in art, dance, literature, etc., fostering community and strengthening mental well-being.

What makes these initiatives more valuable is that many of these ideas and suggestions come directly from our employees. Therefore, we must stay connected with our people, understand their needs and tailor programs that will truly support them on their wellness journeys," she concluded.

Anjali Raghuvanshi, Chief People Officer at Randstad India shared, “The evolving work landscape necessitates prioritizing employees' mental health and work-life balance for a healthy and sustainable work environment. Proactively addressing mental health needs benefits organizations with increased productivity, heightened employee engagement, and enhanced retention rates.

She added, "At Randstad India, we have six employee resource groups (ERGs), including Sane Forward, aligned with global BRGs. Sane Forward creates a safe space for open conversations about mental health, fostering psychological safety and working to normalize vulnerability, reducing mental health-related stigma. Under this ERG, we have two key initiatives this year: 

  1. An exclusive podcast series, “Mind Matters”, presented by Randstad India Talent Pod and Sane Forward ERG: This educational podcast series features meaningful conversations on unspoken topics about mental health and wellness, creating a safe and relatable space for listeners. It covers stigmatized issues like depression, LGBTQIA+-related concerns, anxiety, stress management, workplace relationships, etc., through expert interviews and personal experiences.
  2. An exclusive program for select Management Team/Leadership Team: We launched an exclusive program for select management and leadership team members in collaboration with an external partner organization. They receive training to become mental health first-aiders, providing support to colleagues facing challenges before seeking professional advice. Post-program evaluation is underway, and these members will soon become certified mental health first-aiders at work.” 

Boosting Employee Experience and Productivity with Holistic Well-being 

“For IBM, mental and physical health is a top priority, and we have a team of experts who are tasked with establishing health strategies and programs. Apart from our programs & initiatives for mental health wellness, we also have a strong focus on promoting physical health among our employees as well as their families,” shared Nagarajan

Adding about effective strategies promoting engagement and productivity at IBM, he added, "We offer yoga programs for employees, open to both employees and their family members, with both online and offline meditation and pranayama sessions. These programs are popular, with thousands of employees participating. Additionally, physical health programs like walkathons and Zumba have seen a significant number of participants.

  • We prioritize vacations, recognizing the importance of fresh perspectives. Our systems encourage employees to take time off, fostering a culture where work can continue seamlessly in their absence.
  • At IBM, we foster a culture of respect and inclusivity, creating a safe environment for individuals to bring their whole selves to work. This crucial aspect contributes to everyone's well-being, complementing our focus on preventive and holistic lifestyle choices.”

Jayita underlined, “Adecco prioritizes the holistic well-being of its workforce through a comprehensive approach that encompasses both physical and emotional health.

Unique Wellness Programs and Initiatives - Win4Youth: We have a global initiative where employees track wellness activities, earn points converted into charity donations. This promotes physical activity, community engagement, and overall well-being. Innovative challenges encourage healthy habits and camaraderie, aiming to enhance physical health, foster emotional resilience, and create a positive work environment.

Strategies to Tackle Employee Turnover -

  1. Clarity on Job Roles and Career Pathways: Clear job descriptions and transparent career paths enhance employee satisfaction and retention by helping them understand growth opportunities.
  2. Managerial Competency Building: Investing in managerial training ensures effective leadership, support, and motivation, fostering a positive work environment and higher employee retention.
  3. Encouraging Transparency and Feedback: Adecco cultivates open communication and regular feedback, identifying and addressing employee concerns promptly to reduce turnover.
  4. Open Culture: Adecco values diversity and inclusion, fostering a workplace where employees feel respected and valued, promoting job satisfaction and increasing talent retention.
  5. HR Business Partner Connectivity: Establishing one-on-one connections with HR business partners enables a deeper understanding of employee concerns and needs, fostering a supportive environment for enhanced employee retention.

Ashish said, “Physical and emotional well-being are two sides of the same coin. While the Wellness 360 program focuses on wellness initiatives, we have implemented various on-ground initiatives for physical and emotional wellbeing. 

  • We offer complimentary registrations for local marathons, encourage employees to volunteer with local NGOs, and conduct 'Fun with Fitness' programs across branches, featuring on-the-floor sessions with trained professionals, including desk exercises, yoga, and engaging activities.
  • We provide a state-of-the-art 'Creche' facility at our corporate office in Pune for employees with toddlers, offering professional care and engaging activities. Older children of employees are invited to special camps across branches for recreational activities.
  • We prioritize Parental Wellness with workshops on managing life-cycle events for parents, and offering emotional support and medical assistance during exigencies through partner tie-ups.

Yuvaraj added, “MMT places a paramount emphasis on the holistic well-being of our workforce, recognizing the pivotal role it plays in enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. "Recent events, including the pandemic, highlight the importance of employee well-being. Our strategic priorities now prioritize comprehensive well-being as a central pillar, covering physical, mental, and financial aspects from 6 pm to 9 am.

  • To prioritize Emotional Well-being, we provide a dedicated mental well-being platform, an app with on-call counsellors, and monthly initiatives promoting awareness and practical techniques. Expert-led sessions address parenting challenges, stereotypes, and biases, fostering a supportive community.
  • Our policies also prioritize flexibility, allowing employees to structure their workday according to their optimal preferences, while our "We Care Fund" serves as an in-house resource to assist employees facing financial need.
  • To promote Physical Well-being, our initiatives include comprehensive Mediclaim policies, free health checkups, weekly doctor visits, and engaging activities like marathons and sports tournaments. Gym partnerships offer fitness memberships to employees and their families, ensuring holistic health support.
  • We believe that fostering a culture of well-being is essential in today's dynamic work environment, and these initiatives reflect our dedication to ensuring our extended organizational family remains healthy, engaged, and empowered.”

“The concept of wellness is unique to each individual, and in this hyper-customized world, it is important to curate a holistic wellness experience that individuals can personalize,” remarke Sachi

  1. At EY GDS, our wellness program is data-driven, shaped by employee feedback and industry insights, offering resources to navigate uncertainties.
  2. Enhancing the EY experience, professionals access integrated wellness benefits like virtual consultations, health check-ups, learning credits, recreation rooms, and special leave for wellness focus. Childcare support includes in-house creche facilities and discounted virtual engagement
  3. EY GDS offers Flex insurance, allowing professionals to tailor plans for family needs. Coverage includes health coaching, financial coaching, elderly care, cancer screening, and diabetes reversal, acknowledging diverse family definitions.
  4. In addition to covering dependent family members, we extend coverage to dependent siblings, fostering a supportive work environment. Our gamified wellness program, accessible through a dedicated app, empowers employees to track and achieve holistic health and fitness goals for themselves and their families.
  5. These programs, covering all aspects of well-being, prove highly effective in driving employee engagement. We continuously customize and tweak them, empowering our people to take charge of their wellness journey.”

Anjali added Randstad India’s holistic well-being initiatives saying, “Focusing on employees' physical, mental, and emotional health, we are committed to meaningful engagement, psychological safety, and mental health. Three years ago, we partnered with YourDOST to break the stigma around mental health. Your Dost, our emotional wellness partner, provides free, anonymous counselling sessions to our colleagues and their loved ones. Our Employee Assistance Program covers around 13,000 workers and extends to any two loved ones of our colleagues. We organize periodic webinars on crucial topics and conduct weekly Zumba and Yoga/Meditation sessions in collaboration with YourDOST for our employees.”

Making Employee Well-being a Remedy for Talent Turnover 

  • “People are prioritizing their wellbeing and they prefer to be associated with organizations that support them in their overall journey. Of late, we have seen shift where organizations have started focusing on the intangibles as much as the tangible rewards system and have been effectively repaid through employee retention,” commented Sachi
  • "At EY GDS, we align tangible rewards with market standards and prioritize intangible benefits, shaping personalized experiences for our people throughout their EY journey, including milestones, awards, recognitions, benefits, upskilling, and wellness.
  • At EY, our goal is to offer an exceptional experience, personalized for each individual, focusing on career growth, learning opportunities, benefits, and wellbeing. Our wellness initiatives drive engagement, foster connections, and boost overall morale. Purpose hubs unite individuals with similar passions outside of work, empowering them to build something meaningful together.
  • At EY GDS, we prioritize enabling employees to achieve their unique career goals and desired moves within the organization. This focus on career growth, financial rewards, and timely recognition enhances overall employee wellbeing, contributing to talent retention.
  • Creating a sense of belonging and meeting individual expectations fosters employee engagement and retention, providing a competitive edge in today's evolving world.
  • Prioritizing a positive and supportive work environment is crucial for higher engagement, productivity, and successful people retention in today's business landscape.”

How MMT combats talent attrition? Sharing this Yuvaraj said, “We enhance talent retention through a personalized and innovative approach, acknowledging individual preferences and needs. Regular connect sessions provide insights, and our metrics showcase an impressive average tenure, with 23.4% of employees spending over 5 years. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP), shaped by focus groups and surveys, guides retention interventions, ensuring relevance and appeal in a dynamic work environment.

  1. Effective communication - For retention, we utilize AI-based chatbots and in-person interactions. Our early warning system swiftly addresses employee concerns, ensuring they feel heard and acknowledged.
  2. Recognition and celebration - We foster a celebratory culture ensuring fair acknowledgement of merit. This culture of recognition serves as a continuous motivation, contributing to longer employee tenure.
  3. Prioritizing holistic well-being - Understanding the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional health. Our consistent engagement score of 80+ reflects the success of these efforts in correlating with employee retention.”

Anjali pointed out Randstad’s culture of inclusivity and employee well-being saying, “ERGs, like Rainbow Forward for the LGBTIQ spectrum, are integral to our commitment to diversity and inclusion. These groups offer a platform for connection, sharing experiences, and advocating for equity. The involvement of ERGs in policy decisions ensures inclusivity. Our women's empowerment ERG supports gender diversity, fostering professional growth through development opportunities and mentorship programs.

  • Randstad India's men's support group challenges gender norms, fostering an inclusive environment. By breaking down traditional masculinity, we create a collaborative and understanding workplace. This approach reflects our belief that inclusion benefits everyone, transcending traditional zero-sum thinking.
  • Randstad's ERG for people with disabilities and caregivers underscores our commitment to inclusivity and support. By addressing unique needs, we create an environment where all employees thrive. This holistic approach extends to caregivers, offering a support network and resources for improved work-life balance.
  • Additionally, Our holistic well-being approach enhances retention. We've fostered open conversations on mental health, breaking stigmas and supporting our employees. Initiatives like 'Be Kind To Your Mind' and 'Clear Your Calendar Friday' offer dedicated time for self-care, going beyond traditional benefits to prioritize their well-being.
  • Our workplace culture, shaped by these efforts, is progressive and sustainable, enabling every employee to realize their true potential.”

“We believe that people are the key to creating valuable businesses. Our commitment to employee welfare is one of our highest priorities; we build a culture that inculcates a sense of belonging and inclusion that ensures employee loyalty,” said Garima. Adding:

  • We maintain high-performance standards, fostering collaboration, development, and growth among our employees. Our commitment to inclusive leadership, guided by a strong tone at the top, and disciplined talent management processes are critical to our success in delivering on commitments to stakeholders.
  • We foster a strong team environment through periodic retreats for each business group and function. These retreats provide opportunities for networking, educational sessions, and team-building activities among employees.
  • We encourage and welcome employee feedback. We connect with our employees in a variety of ways, including direct engagement, events, and employee satisfaction surveys. 
  • We offer formal training covering various topics, including manager and leadership training, compliance, anti-bribery, cybersecurity, harassment prevention, and technical skills development to ensure continuous learning and skill enhancement for our employees.”

“We prioritize continuous employee well-being and growth through funded skill-upgradation programs in collaboration with educational institutes. 'Passion Meets Purpose' offers employees a flexible platform to pursue personal interests and connect with like-minded leaders. Our commitment reflects in high average engagement and happiness scores of 4.6, affirming our dedication to a fulfilling workplace,” shared Ashish

Shipra added, “At Kenvue, our talent strategy centers on fostering a sense of belonging, empowering teams, providing growth opportunities, and recognizing impact. We prioritize the total well-being—physical, emotional, and financial—of every Kenvuer and their families, creating an engaged and fulfilling work environment.

In today's dynamic workplace, employee well-being is the cornerstone of our talent strategy. We recognize the close link between well-being and retention. Our holistic talent management approach, focusing on employee interests, aspirations, and overall well-being, fosters engagement and loyalty, creating passionate and committed teams.”

Underling IBM’s practical strategies Nagarajan said, “At IBM, a key driver of significant employee retention is our culture rooted in purpose, values, and collective behaviour, resonating strongly with our employees. For over 100 years, we've been clear on our purpose, emphasizing ethics, integrity, and respect for individuals. Our commitment to investing in people's long-term success includes self-development learning across technology, future skills, and executive leadership.

As an organization, IBM places skills at the center of its approach. We prioritize skills through structured talent programs, transparent career development frameworks, and alignment with employees' career aspirations. Our industry-leading diversity and inclusion policies, coupled with a work environment centered on flexibility, empathy, and transparency, contribute to our success. IBMers also benefit from the opportunity to tackle the world's most complex challenges, providing a sense of meaningful work and contribution beyond IBM for clients and the nation.”

Jayita added, “At Adecco, our retention strategy focuses on anticipating employee needs, aligning individual goals with organizational objectives, and fostering a positive work environment through well-being initiatives. We observe a positive correlation between these efforts and higher retention rates. We prioritize top performers through bespoke programs tailored to their specific needs. This personalized approach fosters engagement, motivation, and satisfaction, reducing the likelihood of attrition. Our commitment to employee well-being is both a moral imperative and a strategic business move for sustained growth opportunities.”

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