Article: #2 Intel Technology: Innovation through people

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#2 Intel Technology: Innovation through people

Work-life balance, easy accesibility to management and development opportunities keep engagement levels high
#2 Intel Technology: Innovation through people

Employees love the worklife balance, the easy accessibility to management and the development opportunitiesIntellites at their Bangalore facility. (Photo: People Matters archives 2010-2011)


Great people, great technology, great company - is the essence of what Intel aims to achieve each day. One of the differentiators that make Intel an enviable organization is its technology leadership. Along with technology leadership, Intel invests in developing its employees as well as the community. Engineers are encouraged to use their technical skills to solve social and environmental challenges. The key to this technology leadership is its investment in innovation. Intel India encourages innovation and invests in it through various programs. ‘Ideas to reality’ (I2R) have been initiated by India Site Management which is looking at exploring the unique market opportunities India offers and tailoring solutions that leverage these needs. The team encourages employees to share their innovative business and technology ideas that are reviewed, funded and incubated by the Site Management. Intel also has an ‘Intel Involved’ program for employees which is a dedicated effort at coordinating a variety of employee volunteering initiatives in support of education, environmental stewardship and safety, health and community service.

The opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and transforming the way people live and work - helps individuals to think out-of-the-box. Employees love the work-life balance, the easy accessibility to management and the development opportunities that Intel provides. The open and direct communication through various forums such as organizational health surveys, manager feedback tool and other feedback mechanisms, help to proactively solicit inputs from employees as to how the company is faring vis-à-vis the environment as well as past performance. R. Anish, Director, HR, South Asia, Intel shares, “We believe in giving our employees adequate flexibility at work and they are actively encouraged to meet their personal commitments as they focus on their professional ones. Our employee care program ‘Sparsh’ ensures that while we take care of some of the basic needs of employees through our core benefits, we also create an environment of fun and camaraderie.”

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