Article: #22 InterGlobe Enterprises: Diversity@workplace

Employee Engagement

#22 InterGlobe Enterprises: Diversity@workplace

Pride in the company and diversity at workplace
#22 InterGlobe Enterprises: Diversity@workplace

InterGlobe connects its people through its values and employees take pride in working for the company. A unique methodology started last year in the technology business is to involve peers and subordinates in selecting their own team leader. This was conceptualized keeping in mind the aspirations and the changing work values of the Gen Y workforce and is now extensively used for all front line and middle management positions.

Keeping with new age work trends, the hiring strategy is aligned to InterGlobe’s focus on increasing gender diversity at the workplace. DAWN (Development Action for Women Now) ensures presence of women focused initiatives like safety sessions, well-being sessions, inviting families to office and special care for expectant/just delivered mothers are taken – all of which contribute to providing a conducive workplace for women during the different stages of life.

IndiGo’s uniqueness provides employees opportunities to work across multiple processes (domestic and international) which have been a key reason for its reduced attrition numbers. Employees also have the opportunity to develop themselves using the huge amount of knowledge base that the organization is able to provide on a daily basis.

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