Article: New trends in managing Human Resources

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New trends in managing Human Resources

Earlier HR handled administrative tasks but with the advancement in technology, the role of HR has become more demanding and agile.
New trends in managing Human Resources

Human Resource Management is the backbone of any organization because it provides the human capital, without which it is just not possible to conduct business.  Earlier HR handled administrative tasks like personnel files and paperwork only, ensuring that employees got their paychecks and benefits on time, processing performance reviews and managing the occasional crisis or conflict.  With the advancement of technology, a shift in the dynamics of industries and a change in the attitude of people, the role of HR has become more demanding and agile.  Here are some trends that are shaping the way HR is evolving.

New-age recruiting

The dependence on head hunters or recruitment agencies is diminishing.  The use of the social media like Linkedin, job portals that are linked to recruitment sites, professional network platforms and internal employee references are some of the methods that are used for effective and successful hiring practices.  An employee with the right attitude is considered to be more employable than a candidate who has the skills and education that he or she brings to the table.  

The use of big data

Recruiters use big data analytics to find employees that are most suitable to a role and find a connect between employee productivity and academic performances.  Big Data also generates so much information that HR uses it to make sense of it all in a comprehensible and engaging manner.

Career development

In the days gone by, employee loyalty was taken for granted.  If an employee joined an organization, he or she would leave the firm only on retirement.  People became comfortable in their jobs and a change was frowned upon.  But things have changed now in the present age.  Employees have become very focused on their career development and their attitude shows a lot of aggression in moving ahead in their growth and development.  The onus is on HR to chalk out a career development path for the workforce and offer them learning and talent development opportunities that will not only enhance their careers but will also make them more productive to the firm.  

Employee branding through social media

The new-age generation is never far away from social media. There are very few millennials who do not use this method of communication.  HR uses social media to reach out to people and create a brand for their firm as one of the best places to work for. The results of the use of social media can be quantified by HR to organize their branding activities in a much more organized manner and improve on areas that need attention.

Work-life balance

Creating the right work-life balance and encouraging employees to work from home, enjoying the options of flexi time and time away from work are some of the benefits that HR offers to its employees in order to maintain the right balance between their professional and personal lives.  The use of technology is aiding HR in a big way to offer these benefits through webinars, conferences, and meetings through online forums.  

Building relationships

HR is a bridge between employees and the management.  They should build relationships that help the business grow and meet their goals.  HR should create an environment where employees not only show up at the place of work, but they actually want to show up.  Employees should feel motivated, engaged and happy so that they can work efficiently and productively.

It is vital that significant changes in the method of Human Resource Management are modified from time to time. The modern up-to-date techniques will not only be beneficial but will also be less stressful. 

Employees’ dependence on HR is on the decline because they can now access information online and on their new-age devices.  This frees up HR to focus on business strategies and planning, in order to contribute to the overall effectiveness and financial performance of the organization.

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