Article: #3 NTPC: Putting People Power First

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#3 NTPC: Putting People Power First

Sensitivity to employees and pracctive response is the mantra
#3 NTPC: Putting People Power First

NTPC is sensitive and responds proactively to the needs of all employees - reason enough as to why it is a great place to work


For India’s largest power company, NTPC, the job apparently is well cut out – generate power as well as help people realize their dreams. The commitment towards development and growth of its 26,000 employees as individuals and not merely as employees is guided by its ‘People’ before ‘Plant Load Factor’ mantra. Competence building, commitment building, culture building and systems building, are the four building blocks on which NTPC has based its robust HR systems. With the vision to be the world’s largest and best power producer, powering India’s growth; the power major, in view of the new paradigms of talent management and expectations of the new generation, lays ample emphasis on the need to ensure sustained motivation of its employees. These are the building blocks which in essence helps NTPC in generating more smiles across miles.

NTPC believes in nurturing and developing talent internally. To begin with, graduates and post graduates are hired through nation-wide open competitive examinations and campus recruitment. To this end, well-defined measures are in place for the selection process which is monitored by the recruitment group. Hiring is followed by induction training (fully paid) consisting of 52 weeks of theoretical input in classrooms, practical training, on-the-job training, simulator, management modules, NTPC systems, policies & practices, theater workshop, etc., which make them a highly competent professional in respective functional areas at junior management level. Over the years, the entire process has been refined and institutionalized. As a matter of fact, the focus on employee development and the robust HR system in place are reflected in the low attrition levels at NTPC.

As an organization which offers challenging job and learning opportunities, NTPC is proud of its systems for providing quality work-life to its employees. In addition to providing a beautiful and safe workplace, NTPC encourages a culture of mutual respect and trust amongst peers, superiors and subordinates. NTPC is sensitive and responds proactively to the needs of all employees - reason enough as to why it is a great place to work.

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