Article: OD consultant transforms business growth plans

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OD consultant transforms business growth plans

Build a programme while sustaining the present product line and grow business
OD consultant transforms business growth plans

Design a comprehensive business transformation programme to mitigate the business risk with an inclusibe approach by involving key stakeholders


I have tried substantiating my premise of assumption with a real case study for OD Scope & its potential impact in business growth and transformation.

One of the renowned business groups had undergone a major business crisis since one of their largest customers turned into competition.

The situation had worsened since the customer had taken away majority team members across the levels. The client organisation is known to believe in retaining internal resources, encourage employment opportunity in generations & already built spare capacity.

The client had to choose between: Onboard the new talent immediately and spend energy on customer retention or design a comprehensive business transformation programme to mitigate the business risk with an inclusive approach by involving key stakeholders.

As the client is known to choose more sustainable management practice rather than adopting the quick fix approach, they chose to work on the latter option.

I had designed the change programme framework by building the following themes:

Sustain the present product line
Build add on product offerings
Reduce market time

Build change team
Create a strategic cell as guiding board
Retain the existing customers
Build new revenue model

Rebuild the positivity
Map existing skill sets
Onboard the critical mass

This framework got implemented in 18-20 months. Along with my role as an external consultant, we had to build internal change team from various functional groups and the task force was led by one of the board member from the client organisation.

This massive project ended on the following notes;

Client organisation has started using almost 85 per cent of the capacity and grew the revenue by 12 per cent
The organisation built equal proportion of home grown and fresh talent
The new well articulated competency framework has allowed to create two level back up for each critical position
Inclusiveness built major trust and camaraderie across the level
Resilience has been ingrained as part of DNA in organisation culture

Though the project was quite successful, however, am left with some of the fundamental questions towards OD consultant role.

Do all the OD projects get similar success?
Has the client organisation team preparedness played the major role in it’s success?
Would OD intervention get recognition beyond L&D focus approach?
This experience has helped me to refresh my learning towards OD Process map.

Ashish Patel is founder consultant with Euphoria Consulting

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