Article: Operating model for the next-gen people function

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Operating model for the next-gen people function

Learning and unlearning skills are new parameters that decide the fate of workforce and organizations.
Operating model for the next-gen people function

This time around in Tech HR, the audience had the opportunity to interact with some of the most unusual and ambitious futurists. One such panel that shed light in the direction of operating model for the next generation comprised of Mani Ganeshan, centre head Amadeus labs and APAC R&D head, Mahalakshmi R, Head HR India, Mondelz International and Dinkar Ayilavarapu, Partner, Bain & Company (C). The enthusiasts started the discussion with a very powerful yet a statement that set the right tone for the topic stating “Irrespective of the industry, customers are changing.”

A new model of working systems

It is significant for industries and organizations to reinvent themselves to stay relevant with the customers. Customers these days have multiple choices and are more aware of the necessary procedures and do not often want assistance with small issues. However, when they do contact an organization for help, they want quick and efficient resolutions.

Workforce and workplace are getting redesigned, and a new model of working systems have emerged that are more agile and yet productive and efficient in terms of achieving goals. Organisations need to identify their workforce as well and should focus on recruiting employees with learning agility or who are willing to learn and develop their skills.

The competition in today's world is a tough market to crack it is crucial to acknowledge your partner or competitor’s ecosystem equally. When an organization is aware of their competitors and strategies, it helps develop steps that will give them an advantage over others and retain better market value along with customer satisfaction. In an evolving world, it is essential to integrate team value rather than individual achievements. 

Most of the workforce today comprises of millennials, and this next-gen workforce wants their organization to provide an agile, constant learning experience, and they look for their work to make a difference in the society. Millennials like to work as a team and achieve higher goals, and this has to be the motive for organizations as well.

The customer is a part of every project

Reaching and researching on the grass root level is the key to any problem, and one can provide various ideas that are systematic to resolve not one but many concerning issues. In an agile world, the customer is part of every project, and they play a vital role in how the project would work. 

The two most important questions that organizations should always reflect on is: Why do we exist and how do we make the company attractive to new talent as well as customers. An agile work environment is the need of the hour, and it is based on listening and immediate actions to resolve any obstacle. Customers will and always be the judge for an organizations growth or, and hence, the performance of an employee needs to be based on learning agility along with overall performance.

The cycle of evolution is quite rapid today, and to stay in control, one has to have the ability to learn and develop their skills consistently. Success cannot be based on a workforce that is talented but cannot learn and unlearn skills as per changing times. 

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