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Rewards Special: Motivational Benefits

Ashish Talwar: Managing Director, Motivation Solutions, Sodexo SVC India

Rewards and recognition programs are rapidly becoming a necessity in the way companies attract, retain and motivate employees, as today's dynamic workforce is looking for instant recognition on achieving every milestone.

In India, since 1997, Sodexo has been enjoying the position of a market leader, providing motivational benefits to employees through their meal and gift vouchers and has been successful in winning the confidence of both the clients and the employees. This trust has resulted in our serving over 10,000 clients across India.

Sodexo pioneered Gift Vouchers as a tool for rewarding and recognizing performance by employees. The choice and flexibility provided by our vouchers was tremendous, as we customized our network to the requirements of the young generation, as well as the more mature employees. The network was also customized looking at the needs of each client, client by client.

Sodexo has now taken this understanding of the market and its closeness to customers to the next level. We understand that motivation needs of a client are not something that can be generalized, and sold as a pre-defined package. Hence, we look into the specific needs of our customers and then design a customized motivation program suited to their needs. This is done after a thorough assessment and understanding of the client’s needs and the nature of challenges faced by them and their industry.

The customized program is then rolled out and targeted at the different audiences. A key process here is communication, and engagement with each individual target. After all, each employee is different and you need to talk to him, and see how he is responding to the challenge in front of him. We are thus able to customize the motivation offered to each employee to meet his objective at each stage of the cycle. Rigorous evaluation is done periodically to assess how the program is going, and based on the response, the customization helps to over achieve the desired objective.

The success of any program depends on the communication and engagement of the participants in the program. We use a technology platform called “Say Reward” to engage and communicate with the participants. The other important driver in a program are the rewards that are provided to the participants. The rewards have to be relevant and motivate the participants to achieve desired results. We also measure the results at every stage and suggest improvements to ensure that the clients’ objectives are achieved.

Rewards fulfillment has not been a problem for us. Our reach in the market and our association with various vendors and outlets, allows us a unique reach across the length and breadth of the country. Today, our voucher network extends to over 1400 locations in India, which is many times that of our competitors, despite whatever numbers they may state for their network.

Sodexo’s aim is to provide innovative tools and services to design and manage total rewards service for the best of the companies in each industry and market to motivate their employees. Thanks to the goodwill generated over the last decade and a half in which the market appreciated our voucher offering, now we are able to upgrade our gift voucher offering from rewards to a Total Rewards offering through our technology platform and services to provide meaningful customized motivation programs that not only meet the client’s expectations, but exceed them.

Sodexo in India

Sodexo On-site Service Solutions has a direct link to services in India dating back to 1966. Recognized as a strategic partner, Sodexo has consolidated its position by providing a range of comprehensive service solutions for clients, their employees and visitors in the corporate, education, healthcare and remote sites segments. Delivering more than 100 different food and facilities management solutions to more than 1,000 sites, Sodexo is a market leader in India in terms of revenue, consumers served and employees retained.

Sodexo Motivation Solutions launched operations in 1997. It is a market leader by far, delivering solutions through employee benefits and incentives & recognition services, including Meal Pass, Electronic Meal Card and Gift Pass.

Sodexo, world leader in quality of daily life solutions

Quality of life plays an important role in the progress of individuals and the performance of organizations. Based on this conviction, Sodexo acts as the strategic partner for companies and institutions that place a premium on performance and employee well-being, as it has since Pierre Bellon founded the company in 1966. Sharing the same passion for service, Sodexo’s 413,000 employees in 80 countries design, manage and deliver an unrivalled array of On-site Service Solutions and Motivation Solutions. Sodexo has created a new form of service business that contributes to the fulfillment of its employees and the economic, social and environmental development of the communities, regions and countries in which it operates.

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