Article: Sketchnote: Role of a new-age recruiter

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Sketchnote: Role of a new-age recruiter

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What are the various roles a new age recruiter is expected to have.
Sketchnote: Role of a new-age recruiter

The new-age talent requires a new age talent acquisition process. In today's world, candidates share a symbiotic relationship with the recruiters which is beyond the job description and traditional interviews. Candidates want the entire experience to be high-impact. Similarly, employers want recruiters to project their brand successfully. It is observed that the role of a recruiter is continuously evolving and becoming highly critical. 

As part of the Lets Talk Talent initiative, People Matters in partnership with Oracle asked leading HR and business leaders about the changing role of a new-age recruiter. We have attempted to present it through the sketchnote below:

Role of a new-age recruiter

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