Article: #24 SAP Labs India: By the people, for the people

Employee Engagement

#24 SAP Labs India: By the people, for the people

In SAP it is all about the people and being part of the team
#24 SAP Labs India: By the people, for the people

Honesty, transparency and trust are the three primary criteria that make SAP Labs a great workplace. Sharing the ideology of ‘by the people, for the people’, Bhuvaneswar Naik, VP-HR, SAP India shares that employees are a part of the solution and not the problem.

A market leader in enterprise application software, SAP Labs India’s endeavor is to deliver innovations in all its product streams. The organization has robust practices in all areas which are being transformed to enable a positive employee perception.

SAP Labs’ management ‘un’conference allows a bottom up approach to management. Employees are also the chief designers of every major policy and subsequently, they present it to the management forum for a decision. Policies like in-house childcare centre, sabbatical, work-from-home, reward and recognition policy etc., were the brainchild of the employees with HR and leadership playing a facilitator’s role.

A recently launched program called ‘In the Spotlight’ provides opportunity for managers to become the HR head for a day. This initiative enables managers to learn the complexities of a senior leadership role. Employees appreciate the culture that embraces work-life balance, training & development opportunities and collaboration, all of which contribute to make SAP Labs a great workplace.

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