Article: Top 12 trends: Talent Management in the trenches - Debabrat Mishra

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Top 12 trends: Talent Management in the trenches - Debabrat Mishra

Debabrat Mishra (Debu), Director, Hay Group

Businesses will explore tapping into newer talent pools and integrate them into the workforce. We are already observing the entry of independent/freelance contributors, homemakers (on a break from a full-time job) and retirees becoming relevant for the corporate workforce. Talent Management processes will have to be adapted to specifically deal with these new talent pools. We will also see a rise in the trend of people holding more than 1 job.

Furthermore, sales organizations will increase their focus on the Talent Management of their frontline sales organization, including outsourced sales personnel. We could also see greater scrutiny of productivity losses arising from sales personnel attrition. This will lead to the increased focus on retention and hence talent management investments. There will be a rise in tech-driven and mobile-computing driven talent management solutions for the sales-force.

Lastly, organizations will move towards the use of fewer but more rigorous use of performance goals connected to the business. They will adopt simpler conversations focused on a few critical ‘must deliver’ performance goals and the use of complex systems for performance i.e. BSC, MBO, etc., may be set aside as organizations face uncertainties in the market. Ultimately, the performance focus will get simplified.

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