Article: Top 12 trends: Talent Right Citing - Jacob Jacob

Talent Acquisition

Top 12 trends: Talent Right Citing - Jacob Jacob

Jacob Jacob, Chief People Officer, Apollo Hospitals

The coming year will witness a lot of changing trends wherein the entire concept of talent management will be redefined.
First and foremost, it is essential to value good talent when one comes across one during the talent acquisition process. Talent right citing - is being able to plant and integrate unique talents who may not necessarily fit into the job description for a position being interviewed but has the potential to add value to the organization by his/her skill sets, experience, leadership or intellect.

Further to right talent citing, there will be more empowerment of the Gen Y employees. These millennials are the best suited to take up challenging assignments in any dynamic organization involving multiple stakeholders, varied complexities and ‘Yesterday Deadlines’. Increasingly Gen Y is becoming the Go-To man for the senior management in any crisis situation or for critical projects. This is because of various factors including being brought up during the era of globalization, not having lofty ideas on socialism, not carrying the baggage of past failures, etc. Therefore, the talent management initiatives in Indian organizations will provide impetus to the career development of Gen Y employees.

There will also be increasing importance of new talent acquisition process like Talent P-Touch through which the HR stays in touch with senior level talents who were either shortlisted for some positions or did not take up an offer with the organization. In this process the HR manager sends company communication, invites them for dinner, sends them mementos and gifts, meets them in various forums, etc. This relationship building gives the organization ‘Top-of-Mind’ status in the mind of the prospective candidate when he looks for a change in the future.

All these talent initiatives are currently being done manually in most companies with the help of archaic HR systems. Increasingly talent management processes would get automated like the PMS and Payroll processes providing the much needed thrust in this particular area.

Apollo Talent Management Roadmap for the next 2 years

Talent management initiatives in Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Ltd. are based on experience, performance and potential. Experience and future aspirations will be assessed by having a career dialogue; performance will be monitored using performance appraisals and potential will be mapped using competency assessment models.

The organization is looking at rapid growth in the next 2 years. The progression management in this context will be handled using proper systems and processes for succession planning. Role enhancements to existing roles are being looked at critically.

Career growth will be competency based and to enable this job rotation and role enhancement initiatives are being planned. Job rotation will normally occur every 3-5 years as per business and individual development plans expecting that at least 30 percent of employees at GM and above level will have gone through 3 job rotations in their career of about 10 years span. Similarly role enhancement initiatives will help current incumbents of senior positions to have enriched and fuller roles.

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