Article: The big reset in HR: What could work?

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The big reset in HR: What could work?

In his keynote at People Matters TechHR India 2020, Josh Bersin talks about the workforce- and business-related challenges resulting from the global pandemic; the strategies HR leaders are developing to cope with the continued uncertainties.
The big reset in HR: What could work?

We are all reacting, responding, returning, and transforming at the same time amid the pandemic. The pace of change has been incredible and hence it has accelerated the transformation journey for all. While the organizations have to transform as per the new reality of work, job security, personal health, finances, and childcare become some important talent challenges to cater to. 

Given the current situation, Josh Bersin shares the top issues in the minds of all leaders today. Health of employees, the transition to work from home setup, and maintaining a good employee experience while working remotely. And to solve these challenges the traditional HR models are not effective and hence it is the HR model itself that needs to undergo transformation. 

Coordinated but decentralized model

“The operating model of HR is changing. We need a more resilient and well distributed and coordinated HR model,” said Josh Bersin. 

The leadership and operating model has to adapt a lot and they can learn from the military on how they approached. 

Success demands a suitable trained and experienced staff who can innovate and demonstrate creativity. The system needs more diverse leaders to ensure more innovation. They should appoint more ad-hoc partners, Bersin suggests. 

The powers skills in demand for HR

To prepare for the big reset of work HR needs to work on their own capabilities as well. The new world of work requires focus on some critical behavioral competencies which have always been essential but not as much as today.  

Skills like optimism, resilience, patience, forgiveness, followership, and integrity, among others have to be enhanced or built among the HR and business leaders to be able to manage all the people challenges they currently face effectively. 

The changing management style

Management philosophy in the new reality of work is driven by productivity, wellness, and responsibility. Leaders today have to believe that each and every individual has the potential to thrive, what you require is patience, data and insights to work with them to empower them. 

With the help of people analytics, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the workforce and help them build their career paths and achieve their career aspirations. Using data analytics to design meaningful work, a job that in itself keeps employees engaged is what is required today. 

Further to maximize employee experience HR and business leaders have to focus on the growth and development of employees. Hence the performance management process also needs to be modified. 

The performance management system has to be more integrated. More regular feedback, development conversations: The feedback has to now be done in the flow of work. 

Wellbeing & Resilience: The new workplace equation

From location & how employees commute to taking care of their personal growth & career aspirations: here's how the EX matrix looks now. 

HR leaders have to focus on the well-being of their employees and design strategies that not only cater to the basic hygiene needs of the employees but are also satisfying their emotional and spiritual needs. This entails designing flexible and relevant benefits to designing meaningful work and learning programs. 

The pandemic has shown us that with shared awareness, effective resource allocation, assessment of progress, and adapting to change when required has helped businesses not only survive but also thrive. These lessons shall be taken into account, documented, and remembered as this is not the last black swan event we are all going to face. 

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