Article: The One Thing #3: Create a Bias for Action

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The One Thing #3: Create a Bias for Action

Put in place an Organizational Environment that promotes the 'right' behaviors from the employee
The One Thing #3: Create a Bias for Action

HR must tweak the existing environment to make the ‘right’ behaviors easier and the ‘wrong’ behaviors difficult

In today’s hyper-competitive environment, traditional approaches to strategy are obsolete. The notion that a grand designer would be able to analyze the conditions facing the firm and design an effective strategy to move the organization forward is nothing but an illusion. Today more than ever, strategy has to involve people — both at a rational and an emotional level. Unless companies find ways to engage their people’s energies in developing new strategic ideas as well as putting these ideas into action, their strategy—however brilliant—will fail. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind that for strategy to be properly executed, the people in the organization must be emotionally committed to it. This is much more than simply understanding or agreeing with the strategy. Emotional commitment implies strong belief—even passion—in the strategy and a willingness to push for it relentlessly. But for anyone (i.e. employees) to buy into the strategy, someb...
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