Article: The One Thing #6: Create the Talent Machine

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The One Thing #6: Create the Talent Machine

The biggest drivers of strategic impact today are HR's ability to create a 'talent machine' in your organization
The One Thing #6: Create the Talent Machine

HR staff needs to be highly trained, aware of the best practices and should be networked together to learn and share innovative solutions

Being an HR professional and running an HR organization can be quite complex. First, you have to manage many administrative things well: Staffing, onboarding, compliance, training, employee relations, communication, payroll, benefits, time tracking, and generally making sure that people stay out of trouble. And of course if you let any of these things slide or go awry, your reputation is at risk. But despite this important administrative role, in today’s business climate this is just not enough. Our newest High-Impact HR Research shows that while service-delivery efficiency and process quality is critical to success, it is the talent-related functions of HR that drive the greatest value. Think about HR this way: Our job in the HR or talent team is not to “manage the organization” but rather to “help leaders and managers manage the organization”. When we looked at the real business impact HR drives among more than 300 organizations, we found that 22 per c...
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