Article: The One Thing #8: Target Productivity

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The One Thing #8: Target Productivity

The focus on productivity will trigger a sharper look at leadership and culture
The One Thing #8: Target Productivity

Ignoring productivity will impact business in the near term but more importantly companies will miss out an opportunity to get leaner and fitter

The one big people agenda for 2014 will be centred on productivity. With the economies remaining turbulent, the challenge to survive and then hopefully thrive will demand a very close look at staff productivity. Making an honest assessment of the issue is fraught with its share of business outlook, assessment and the emotions around it. Many companies in India have been more paternalistic and soft in their historical attitudes to productivity. Outdated labor laws, lack of a social security net and the general comfort with mediocrity of many managers has made the challenge delicate. Yet if ignored further in 2014, it will not only have immediate business risks but even more importantly the companies would have missed out on an opportunity to get fitter. While there will be nuances of need requirement across sectors and companies, the issue of improving productivity will call for some strong leadership decisions. One is going to be around the organization architecture. Are companies de...
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