Article: The secrets of Scaling-up: Learn from the Experts

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The secrets of Scaling-up: Learn from the Experts

We have crafted the whole week of online activities to help you answer the most critical questions on scaling your business from a talent perspective.
The secrets of Scaling-up: Learn from the Experts

Last December I had the opportunity to meet Harsh Mariwala, Marico's Chairman, during one of People Matters' events. His is a story of a true scale-up - he transformed a traditional commodity-based business into a consumer product and service industry. He took a business with revenue of $75,000 to the current $850 million topline. Today, Marico has over 2,500 employees and is considered among the top FMCG brands in India. For Harsh Mariwala, today, he is ranked in the Forbes Top Indian billionaires list. How did he do that?

Such stories tell you a lot about the struggles and achievements of small-scale enterprises that have the potential to grow. In India, there are over 250,000 small and midcap businesses that collectively contribute close to 20% to the country's GDP and employ 40% of the country's workforce. Scaling up requires a combination of elements: from cracking the business model, to building and delivering market-fit products and services, to having access to the right funding and much more. But, what is really at the heart of it all? It is the people that are the competitive edge for growing organizations.

Unfortunately most management content focuses either on start-ups or large companies, where is the practical and actionable content for companies that lie in between? In this context, People Matters is organizing a series of webinars, interviews, podcasts and hangouts during the week of 13th to 17th of February (see complete details here) and we have the privilege to invite you to sign up and join us!

Click here to sign up for the Virtual Week from 13th to 17th of February.

These will be the four broad areas that the virtual conference will cover:

How do you build commitment to scale? And how to back it up with a plan? According to a joint research by Oxford and Cambridge, most early-stage enterprises lack the will and ambition to scale. Ambitious entrepreneurs need to dream big and, at the same time, create realistic growth plans and detailed actions of how growth can be achieved. Personalities like Rudy Karsan, Founder of Kenexa, and Verne Harnish, aka "Growth Guy," Founder & CEO of Gazelles and author of the best seller 'Scale Up' will share his perspectives on relentless ambition, commitment for success, the tenets of scaling up and how successful organizations grow through webinars.

How do you crack the code of capability building and hiring? Another commonly heard challenge of organizations aiming to scale-up is how they can build capabilities (from within and through hiring). ISB Professor Amit Chauradia, will lead a webinar on Recruitment sources and what works at each stage, while leaders like Makrand Appalwar, Chairman & MD, Emmbi Industries and Dinesh R, CHRO, OYO Rooms will hold webinars on themes of scaling recruitment, talent reviews & talent development.

How do you build a leadership pipeline? How can teams be aligned? Culture, communication, rhythm and building alignment are a few of the most complex and intangible elements of running a business. Big Basket's CHRO, T.N Hari, and Meena Ganesh, CEO, Portea among others will share their experiences and reflections on building effective teams, architecting culture in organizations & creating communication. We also have the privilege to have Marshall Goldsmith, renowned leadership guru addressing the audience on building leaders for today and tomorrow.

How to leverage technology & analytics? Technology is the solution to many problems, no doubt, but business leaders need to know the question they are trying to answer before they embark on digitizing their enterprises. The week will host webinars from experts like Mark Wadsley, an HR consulting strategy evangelist and with Oracle Asia Pacific as, who will break the myths about how technology and analytics are not only for the big companies but also for small enterprises.

Great speakers, practical and actionable sessions, easy to participate from anywhere you are - you just need to sign up. We have crafted the whole week of online activities to help you answer the most critical questions on scaling your business from a talent perspective. All registered users will also have access to our special story to be published in the March issue of People Matters.

Sign up here to join the online week from 13th to 17th of February.

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