Article: #21 Ujjivan Financial Services: Financial inclusion


#21 Ujjivan Financial Services: Financial inclusion

A culture to serve and of include everyone in your own growth
#21 Ujjivan Financial Services: Financial inclusion

Being a part of a people-centric microfinance industry, Ujjivan Financial Services, is committed to building a strong organization with values and fostering a culture where employees are steadfastly focused on serving the financially excluded urban poor. The objectives are in sync with the national agenda of financial inclusion. Additionally, the emphasis is on building an organization which is best-in-class in all aspects - customer service, innovation, efficiency, workplace engagement, leadership and governance. Given that a majority of employees are frontline and serving the customers, the organization believes in the philosophy of ‘employees first and customers second’. The organization strives to provide professionally rewarding careers to employees and, attract and retain quality talent. The underlying attribute of this philosophy adopted by the organization is that happy employees translate to happy customers. Ujjivan believes in team work, it focuses on upholding the dignity of fellow employees, and respects each other’s view and work, thus fostering a relationship based on mutual cooperation. To better equip its frontline employees, the training program focuses on developing the managerial and interpersonal communication. Besides the training and development opportunities provided by the organization, Ujjivan provides an environment wherein individuals can achieve their highest potential by being creative, proactive and enthusiastic; and have the opportunity to serve the society, specially the backward community and also contribute to various corporate social activities. Transparency, a friendly work atmosphere and above all, the opportunity to work towards uplifting the lives of the have-nots is what attracts people to Ujjivan. 

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