Article: We will have to redefine the work culture

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We will have to redefine the work culture

S.Y. Siddiqui, COO at Maruti Suzuki India, talks about challenges of handling a changing workforce during a slowdown
We will have to redefine the work culture

Flexibility in manpower deployment with a balanced mix of regular and temporary will enable companies to be more productive and competitive

What are the biggest challenges auto companies face today? The biggest HR challenge for auto companies today is the talent crunch specially highly skilled category. The demand is high while supply lines are short. Getting the right talent and of course retaining them is another key challenge. Thirdly, with the younger workforce coming in at the shop floor level, there is a high potential for conflict in the IR space. We have to readjust to changing times and focus on the engagement of the Indian young workforce, who are skilled and highly aspirational. The big change will be for Corporates to have flexibility & to redefine the work culture for sure as the conventional model may or may not work at all. The work culture will be high on employee engagement and learning. I think strong internal communication channels with the young shop-floor workers will lead to good engagement. Auto and media sectors have been the hardest hit in terms of lay-offs. Do you see more happening in the ...
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