Article: Zomato - Around the world, one plate at a time

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Zomato - Around the world, one plate at a time

Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal on his company's origins, its no-nonsense culture and why he doesn't have a business plan
Zomato - Around the world, one plate at a time

We have a ‘no nonsense-get it done-culture’. People have to work really hard to keep up with the company’s pace


For a company that‘s growing so fast, the answer to the question ‘why they are here?‘ also changes very fast. That‘s why it‘s essential to keep communicating with people

How did you come up with the idea for Zomato? While we were working at Bain, we noticed that a lot of people queued up for menu cards during lunch hour and a fair amount of time was wasted on a daily basis. So, we decided to scan menu cards and uploaded them online so that everyone could view it at one go. Soon after creating the intranet website, we noticed a significant number of hits and it quickly became clear that a viable business could be built out of it. Since Zomato’s inception, for almost one-and-a-half years, I was with Bain collecting, scanning and uploading menu cards during the weekends. So, when did you realize it was much more than just uploading menu cards on Bain’s intranet? There was no eureka moment as such, but it was a confidence booster when people started giving us a lot of positive feedback about our product and how it was making their everyday lives easier. When merchants started finding value in our highly targeted platform which essentially brid...
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