Article: A focused outreach to create awareness: Aadil Bandukwala

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A focused outreach to create awareness: Aadil Bandukwala

Aadil Bandukwala, Talent Acquisition Advisor, Dell India
A focused outreach to create awareness: Aadil Bandukwala

Ever since the emergence of Web 2.0 and social media platforms, Dell has used social media in internal collaboration, product development, social commerce as well as talent acquisition and management. Dell has actively engaged in social media since 2006 and this is done by leveraging platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Direct2Dell blog and many more. Dell also offers a Social Media and Communities (SMaC) University certification that enables a Dell employee to participate in social media for their job on behalf of Dell. This certification would enable a Dell team member to make use of Dell branded Twitter profile and their Twitter handle on his/her business card. This certification is a worldwide program, and all Dell members across the world are eligible.

Dell very effectively uses social media for new talent attraction through platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. For example, on Facebook, Dell has region specific career pages and specific Job search and Career Fit widgets to optimize talent acquisition.

We have taken different measures to brew social media from Talent Acquisition perspective. More than 50 percent of our India Talent Acquisition team is SMaC certified. They have been introduced to social media as a platform and they have been trained to leverage its benefits. Specifically, they have been given specialized training on building relationships and communities on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Post training, our talent acquisition team members, go out on to their personal profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter and post jobs and employment branding related content. The job posts are linked directly to our careers website, where people can apply for that specific job or search for other such relevant jobs. We use LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to promote jobs and push employment branding related content so that we can track, monitor and engage users directly.

Our Facebook page has a specialized ‘Job Search’ widget through which people can search for jobs available at Dell anywhere in the world directly on Facebook. On Twitter, we have CareersAtDell and DellJobs.

Leveraging social media for talent management is a great way of building an employer brand with your target audience – existing and prospective employees. The various social media channels provide for multiple forums to offer perspective on career development and also the various opportunities. At Dell, online engagement is yet another effective way of interacting with prospective employees. Social media offers tremendous advantages of scale, customization and focused outreach to create awareness.

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