Article: Access Healthcare: Employing a differentiated social hiring strategy

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Access Healthcare: Employing a differentiated social hiring strategy

Faced with a pressing need for speeding up its hire-train-deploy talent cycle, Access Healthcare came up with a differentiated hiring strategy, choosing Facebook as its preferred social media platform
Access Healthcare: Employing a differentiated social hiring strategy
Access Healthcare is a business process outsourcing and IT services provider in the healthcare space. The company has witnessed hyper-growth and crossed over 7,500 employees in just over six years of time since inception. In such a dynamic and volatile environment, hiring for scale naturally became a big rock for Access Healthcare but the challenge was countered by leveraging Facebook as a part of its recruitment strategy.  Business challenge Operating in a highly competitive market for BPO talent, often with attrition rates as high as 40 percent, the company needed to hire (often, over 1,000 people in a month!), train, and deploy resources rapidly to address customer requirements. In addition to that, investments in employer brand development have now become costly and have a limited RoI from traditional print media. Furthermore, creating a strong recruitment engine that could assess potential candidates quickly and improve the overall candidate experience was also required. ...
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