Article: As India goes digital, cyber security jobs are on the rise

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As India goes digital, cyber security jobs are on the rise

Demonetization and the Governments push for Digital India have pushed demand for cyber security talent.
As India goes digital, cyber security jobs are on the rise

With the aim to transform India into a digitally empowered society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched Digital India. The campaign includes steps like Aadhar, De-monetization, and Digital India to accelerate India's transition from an analog to a digital economy.  The initiative, Digital India, and subsequent demonetization have pushed the demand for cybersecurity talent.

Suresh Raina, the Managing partner at Hunt Partners, shared in media,"We have seen a consistent increase in demand for security professionals across the board for roles including chief security officer and chief information security officer and head of cybersecurity.”

He further said, “There is a supply constraint and it is a nascent market, leading to sourcing from all avenues, including outside India. “

As reported in media, the salaries offered to cybersecurity executives have increased by 25-30 percent over the past years. It is stated that due to the scarcity of talent, firms are compelled to hire talent with compensation packages for top roles at upwards of Rs.2 crore, and in some instances, close to a Rs.4 crore, inclusive of variables. The demand for cybersecurity talent is high in industries like consulting, bank, retail, government, BFSI companies and IT companies. 

Ashok Pamidi, Senior Director at NASSCOM, shared in the media saying, "To ensure a supply pool of cybersecurity specialists, Nasscom has rolled out a curriculum on the subject with ten specialized courses."

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