Article: Assessments yet to go high-tech

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Assessments yet to go high-tech

While recruiters continue to talk about social media, big data, and mobile, using them for assessments has not picked up
Assessments yet to go high-tech

While social media, big data, and mobile media are transforming the hiring space across the globe, they’re yet to get into the mainstream assessment process for recruiters. This trend is noteworthy because organisations across the globe are talking about including these new age mediums to aid in the hiring process. CEB SHL released a report, titled Global Assessment Trends Report 2013, based on an online survey that they conducted in late 2012 among 592 human resource professionals from across the globe. The survey reveals that very few recruiters across the globe (30% of those surveyed) consider social media as a credible source of assessing candidate fit.

In addition, while Big Data is being talked about in talent management circles across the globe, less than a quarter of the respondents revealed that their organisations have an understanding of utilising it for assessing workforce potential and make objective decisions out of them. Consequently, fewer than 20% of the respondents were satisfied with their systems’ ability to manage talent data.

The demand for mobile candidate assessment is seeing considerable demand in the Asia Pacific region as both recruiter and candidates are asking assessment over the mobile. Unfortunately, only 17% of HR professionals in the survey responded saying that their HRIS systems are accessible via smartphones/mobile devices.

These findings were revealed as part of the Global Assessment Trends Report 2013 conducted by CEB SHL.

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