Article: Best Practices: Social Hiring by InMobi

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Best Practices: Social Hiring by InMobi

Tapping into employees’ networks and driving engagement on social media through regular updates helped not only in hiring but also in increasing the brand awareness
Best Practices: Social Hiring by InMobi

InMobi has been widely recognized as one of India’s most innovative organizations, and their innovative culture also reflects in the way they recruit. 

InMobi’s Challenge

Break the conventional ways of hiring and manage to hire the best from a very competitive talent market without the help of an external agency.  IA small fraction, nearly 1 per cent, of the entire workforce is into Talent Acquisition which shows that the recruiter to employee ratio is much lesser than their other competitors. InMobi needed to create more social buzz about their hiring requirements and attract major talent using digital platforms. It was indeed a challenge for the TA team to get relevant sources involved to fulfill their hiring needs. The business metric that called for special attention was the lack of a dedicated program to help with volume-based recruitment from unconventional sources like Hackathon, Company organized tech conferences, employer branding or employee referrals. 

The next need was to make every employee working with the organization believe in the company’s work culture and vision to help get maximum participation for referral programs. Lastly, Hiring an exceptionally skilled employee and having him onboard within a limited time had started to affect the organization on more than one level.

Hiring for any organisation has its own challenges. Here both internal and external parties are stakeholders and basically a recruiter has to find a solution which will be mutually beneficial. The challenge is of a much higher magnitude when the TA team of in Organization operates with a lean team without any alternative, like agency or any other source to hire. Employee Referral and Talent Branding on Social media were the sources to explore at their best here. Failing to hire or replace important employees like team leaders can severely affect critical projects’ delivery and consequently the businesses’ revenue. Generally if a leader leaves a team, the morale of employees in that team tends to go down. Business commitment and delivery would have impacted in the absence of right mix of team members. Employee work-life balance: Employees would have been working under pressure to meet the work demand resulting into lack of work life balance, fatigue, health issues and persistent dissatisfaction. Less manpower to delivers work means stretching beyond the limits resulting dissatisfaction amongst employees. If this problem would have not been addressed on time InMobi would have ended with higher rate of attrition.

The Chosen method  

The non-conventional approach helped the organization connect with their potential right-fits in time and also ensured quick turnaround. Tapping into employees’ networks and driving engagement on social media through regular updates helped in more ways than one. It not only helps in hiring but also in increasing the brand awareness. InMobi believed that an employee referral booster program, incentives clubbed with employer branding would help the company in getting a quick buy in. They showcased some of the blogs which attracted good response in social sites hence convincing management to publish more on InMobi website and attract talent. InMobi primarily being a tech organization, they decided to showcase their thought process to tech, product and other leadership with first-hand experience. They launched ER program in April 2015 and in product in July 2015,where the team studied what are the most desired things employees want as prizes against from case benefits

The Impact

Their method resulted in faster speed of hiring and wider reach to tap potential candidates 50% hiring through ER program. It also resulted into an increase in number of quality joinees and it raised the awareness about InMobi as a brand and as an employer. The organization’s employer brand now has an added appeal of being Big Tech’s response to solving the hiring problem forever. It has helped Organization in getting a lot of interest from techies in and outside the country for this program. It has helped the employer brand by generating a lot of interest and in InMobi’s ability to hire best talents. The effort also helped in getting a few peripheral benefits like appreciation from industry and techies on the organization’s culture. The program helped InMobi get appreciation from competitors and industry talents about organization’s practices.








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