Article: Borderless talent - The connection and collaboration conundrum

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Borderless talent - The connection and collaboration conundrum

On day one of the People Matters TechHR conference, Rick Hammell, Founder and CEO, spoke about the key shifts that are changing global hiring initiatives.
Borderless talent - The connection and collaboration conundrum

The hybrid world of work has transformed how companies interact with the modern workforce. There are a number of new possibilities that companies are exploring today. While some companies are moving fully remote, some others are moving back to an office environment. The large majority, though, are exploring a version of the hybrid model - where employees can work from the office on some days and have the flexibility to work from their home on others. 


With these possibilities, companies now have a transformational opportunity ahead of them - that is to hire the best talent from anywhere in the world. At TechHR India 2022, Rick Hammell, Founder and CEO of Atlas spoke about the emerging trends and opportunities that are defining how borderless talent is hired, engaged and retained globally.  

The global opportunity

For a long time, India was known as a destination for outsourced work, but companies from India are now also outsourcing work to other parts of the world.

“Tapping global talent can support skill shortage needs and it offers additional benefits of varying cultural perspectives and a more dynamic and inclusive work environment,” Rick noted.

While there are new opportunities, there’s a need to be mindful of the lessons from the pandemic. The pandemic taught employers the importance of listening to employees. And companies have been grappling with new ways of engaging with their employees, to create a sense of togetherness in the remote working world.

Research shows that a positive employee experience means a happier, more productive and loyal talent. Rick noted that it is important to listen to employees on what they need to be successful and that includes the need for flexibility.

“While the traditional model of a boss-employee dynamic does not work anymore, we are seeing newer generations at the workplace negotiating the future of employee experience,” he said.

The way forward 

As employers navigate this shift, they need to clarify a number of things. What kind of a brand do they want to be? Do they want to be seen as a global player? When looking for talent, should they be looking for the best talent in the world? And what is the nature of flexibility that they need to have?

Access to global talent opens up the opportunity for even local businesses to compete with global brands. But dealing with local regulations, and tax rules can be daunting. 

Rick also highlighted why Atlas’ approach to simply these problems can be a major game-changer. When confronted with major regulations like the GDPR, small and medium-sized businesses would have access to an easy-to-use platform that lets employers focus on hiring the best, while relying on experts to navigate the more difficult administrative issues.

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