Article: Building exceptional organizations through “Exceptional Talent”

Talent Acquisition

Building exceptional organizations through “Exceptional Talent”

Know how organizations can build an authentic employer brand and think differently to get the right of kind of talent.
Building exceptional organizations through “Exceptional Talent”

Can you think about a time when you recall a great customer experience? Now think about a time when you had a great employee experience with regards to HR policies and procedures. Was that experience fascinating enough to attract and retain the best talent for your organization?

The business ecosystem is changing at an unprecedented rate. In order to thrive in the current environment, it is imperative for businesses leaders to know how to improve their employee offering and recruitment process, so they get and keep the exceptional talent that will make their organization a success.

What is exceptional talent?

Talent in one business is not the same as talent in another. Find the people who are right for your business. One should define attributes and values that they want in their employees. According to Matt Alder, an exceptional talent can be described as :

  • People who are right for the role and right for the business, irrespective of background
  • People who can grow into the role, mold it around their  capabilities
  • Hiring for what people can achieve in the future, not because of what they have done in the past

 Employees have the choice: What would make them choose you?

The right employees will make a difference to your company. However, in this war of talent, the chances of you losing this right talent to your competitor is exceptionally high. So, how do you make sure you hire and retain the candidate you want for your business?

Great employees are the foundation for exceptional brand success. Hence, they are as important as the clients for the business growth. Therefore, there is a need to draw parallels between customer experience and the employee experience.

 Improving employee experience:

Alder suggested that there is a need to re-define the employee experience throughout the employee journey. Build an authentic employer brand, explores new ways of sourcing candidates. Ensure effective onboarding of new employees. Provide a roadmap for development to each employee and plan a strategy for alumni who can come back to you.

Striving towards a superior employee experience needs to be a central part of a company’s culture if you hope of attracting and keeping the best talents in the industry.


(This session is curated from the People Matters Talent Acquisition League 2018 session conducted by Matt Alder recruitment marketing expert, and employer brand consultant, and the author of the book Exceptional Talent: How to Attract, Acquire and Retain the Very Best Employees)

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