Article: CEO as the chief talent officer


CEO as the chief talent officer

Third People Matters and 'CEO as Chief Talent Officer Survey 2013' shows CEOs' increased focus on talent
CEO as the chief talent officer

As the national, political and economic landscape continues to wade through uncertainties, CEOs have realized that it is meaningless to treat business and talent separately

If 2012 was a year of volatility for business corporations, this year turned out to be even tougher. Not only did the companies have to face the global macro-economic crisis, but the complete policy paralysis of the government (as a result of its populist measures) had culminated into a stage where the country’s economic growth prospects appear crippled. While the business corporations battled cost pressures, they also witnessed plummeting confidence in the Indian economy, resulting in many global corporations retracting their India businesses in the past several months. Many businesses in India also saw some very high profile exits, leaving huge gaps in succession planning and rising questions on the effectiveness of their talent management programs. Never before have the lines between people and business blurred as much for a CEO as they did this year, and many have come to realize that their business goals can only be achieved through a singular focus on talent. This is th...
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