Article: Changing hiring outlook: Hear the experts!

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Changing hiring outlook: Hear the experts!

People Matters talked to Anthony Joseph, Ramesh Shankar, Shalini Pillay and Yogi Sriram about the changing hiring outlook, and here is what they had to say.
Changing hiring outlook: Hear the experts!
Hiring for volume and skills Talent acquisition is no longer about a simple vacancy filling process; a recruiter also needs to understand why employees join, stay or grow in a company Anthony Joseph, President, Global HR, Hinduja Global Solutions   For Hinduja Global Solutions, the focus on hiring has been to address the growth driven by client growth and the replacement caused due to attrition. Recruiters look for frontline employees who are highly efficient and detail-oriented. In terms of the macro level shifts, there is an excessive focus on the negatives due to automation. However, it is useful to remember that shifts due to disruptive automation does not happen overnight, one sees incremental innovation in our industry. In the next 3-5 years, the nature of work will be significantly different from what we do today. The second macro shift is to do with the global movement of talent, especially to countries like the US, which has come under scrutiny of late. In terms of the indu...
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