Article: Cognitive assessments - Hiring made smart!

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Cognitive assessments - Hiring made smart!

Although cognitive assessments are important for placing the right person on the job, they cannot be used as a standalone entity in the hiring process.
Cognitive assessments - Hiring made smart!
When it comes to hiring, the good old interviews and background checks are not enough in a scenario where organizations are vying for top talent. Hiring managers are increasingly turning to psychometric assessments and cognitive tests to make effective and measurable hiring decisions. While psychometric assessments give an objective analysis of a candidate’s behavioral traits, cognitive assessments measure his/her intelligence and aptitude. According to Laszlo Bock, “Ability to perform” assessments are the second highest predicator for a potential employee’s performance, measuring up to 26%1.  So, what do these tests measure? Intelligence? Or is it aptitude? Let us understand what these terms mean and how they are different.  Decoding intelligence and aptitude ‘Intelligence’, though a commonly used term, is not widely understood. There’s no doubt that Albert Einstein was exceptionally intelligent with an IQ of 160. He has been univ...
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