Article: Companies that humanize the tech features will win: Denis Cauvier

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Companies that humanize the tech features will win: Denis Cauvier

The global speaker shared his views on technology, human element and mins- shift at the Talent Acquisition League conference 2018.
Companies that humanize the tech features will win: Denis Cauvier

Dr. Denis Cauvier, A professional speaker and Global Expert on Talent Management took the stage at People Matters Talent Acquisition League to share his thoughts on the topic, ‘Talent acquisition to talent management – ‘A mindset shift.’

He mentioned ‘H’ is the most significant part of HR because it brings the human element in Human resources.

He said, “The organizations that take their best practices of technologies and humanize it are the ones that will win. It is a hybrid. It is a convergence of these two dynamic things which are not opposed to each other but when together they are in unison.”  

According to a research on executive’s insomnia, attracting, engaging and retaining top talent is the biggest concern for the organizations and senior level executives. 

He said, “If you are in the space of TA, I am suggesting we have to understand the word TM, which is of real value to the organization. If you are in TM, then you have to understand a walk into TA shoes. Another way of looking at this is, and if we don’t, there is a declining value which is occurring out there.”

Denis shared a recent statistics which suggest that only 25% of hiring managers currently say that recruiters influence the hiring decision. Only 35% are satisfied with the recruiters. In fact, these are the business results.  

‘I think this statistics is a more significant part of the solution. It is the alignment, and it is the convergence, it is the integration of all these elements. Well, that is the difference. It is the mindset we are talking about”, he said. 

Mind- Shift 

According to the veteran speaker, change in mind shift is the only solution of attraction and retention of employees. To change the mind-shift, the hiring managers need to adapt the technology shift. He pointed out that the hiring managers of the organizations think that they get more information about what is happening out there.

But the managers who are in the world of talent needs to understand what exactly is happening. They need to learn the guerrilla tactics that their competitors are using against them. One needs the higher quality and quantity of technologists and specialists to do so. 

Efficiency is another part Denis mentioned in his session which is essential to develop relationships, re-energize culture and bring values to the organization. He highlighted that the talent acquisition practitioner has to embrace the mindset that with efficiency working the job security will remain high. He quoted a study which reveals that a lot of people are concerned with job security and the core.  

Denis concluded his talk by sharing his thoughts on recruitment. He said, “Recruiters meeting the candidates is a thing of the past vs. talent advisor presenting real potential partners. It is all about understanding what the organization needs, and you bring the best possible people not just for now but for the future as well.”  

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