Article: Employers are demanding good quality education: Amit Bhatia


Employers are demanding good quality education: Amit Bhatia

In conversation with Amit Bhatia, Founder & CEO, Aspire India

This is an evolving industry and education is still in its initial stages. I think it is best to call it fragmented and unstructured. There are two or three drivers which are determining how the industry will evolve: first is the quality of students; there is a clear market demand for better quality education. Employers are demanding good quality education and are unfortunately not able to find the desired quality in candidates. As a result, they have stopped trusting their degree and run an aptitude test for everyone before they hire a fresh candidate. Secondly, a clear over-capacity in engineering and management institutes can be witnessed now. In Madhya Pradesh, 4000 seats are going empty every year. Similarly, in states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, engineering seats are going unfilled. Thirdly, there is some kind of legislative pressure as well; the recent act of MHRD to blacklist 44 universities has put a little bit of scare in the educational institutions. They are now aware of the fact that if they are unable to meet the set quality standards, they are going to be blacklisted. 

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