Article: No sustainable model to run employability program: T. Muralidharan


No sustainable model to run employability program: T. Muralidharan

In conversation with T. Muralidharan, Chairman, TMI Group, MD of TMI E2E Academy

The biggest problem today is that we do not have a sustainable model running the employability program. It cannot be run on government rules because government brings in a lot of conditions. The only sustainable model therefore is where the consumers (students and employers) pay for the program. So, the challenge in skill development is to create a business with minimal government role. There is a need to convince the employer and the employee, about the kind of jobs the employee can get, and the talent that employers can create.
The graduate pool has been ignored at present because it is a small segment. The formal education system does not provide employable skills so the more people graduate, the more unemployable they become.
At present, there are many players from the training background but this is not a training challenge. The challenge is in the sourcing of talent, finding the business model, and making employers participate. Just getting the candidate a job alone cannot help. Only when the candidate succeeds in the job, will they be able to move to another job and create a pipeline for others to come in. If the candidate takes the job and fails, the pipeline is closed for all.

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