Article: Ability to look into future critical for company: Uma Ganesh


Ability to look into future critical for company: Uma Ganesh

In conversation with Uma Ganesh, CEO, Global Talent Track

If you were to segment this whole space of skill development, there is the bottom of the pyramid which calls for a different approach; then those who have been to colleges and have graduated or are graduating but are unable to find the right kind of job opening based on what they have studied, and the third category are those who are currently employed but are looking at enhancing their employment opportunities and their ability to earn better, and therefore require different kind of skill sets. So broadly, these are the three buckets that we can segment the industry into and within each bucket there would be different sectors calling for different set of skills and different sets of competencies.
The three critical success factors that are applicable in this industry are: ability to bring a unique value proposition where the players must be able to understand the employers’ requirement and be able to bring value by addressing the required skill gap; ability to empathize with the students and understand their requirements and help them find employability opportunities; and the ability to look into the future as all industries live in the present while preparing for the future.

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