Article: Customise and digitise your HR for impact: Insights into Fibe’s exciting journey with Akrivia HCM

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Customise and digitise your HR for impact: Insights into Fibe’s exciting journey with Akrivia HCM

In this exclusive HR case study, we explore how Akrivia HCM enabled successful and integrated HR digitisation at Fibe, and what the future has in store for this impactful partnership.
Customise and digitise your HR for impact: Insights into Fibe’s exciting journey with Akrivia HCM

India is witnessing a rapid wave of digitalisation, championed by multiple factors from growing broadband penetration, technological advancements, low data usage costs and the government’s thrust on building digital infrastructure. There is also the rise of powerful SMEs with impactful offerings such as Fibe (formerly EarlySalary), known to be one of India’s leading one-stop solutions for credit needs.

As this digital organisation scales up comprising over 600-700 employees today, a clear shift towards digitally-driven operations was the need of the hour. HR automation remains the stepping stone towards achieving this by promising streamlined workflows, reduced administrative overload and an improved employee experience. But finding the right partner for one’s unique needs is easier said than done, as every enterprise wishes to align its technological investments to the larger organisational mission and vision. This is where Akrivia HCM came in, promising customised best-in-class solutions and a winning digital platform to build a transformative workplace and a captivating EVP. 

A Customised Digital Shift and Embracing Sustainability

Finding customised solutions will always be challenging for organisations especially when it comes to shifting to a brand-new digital platform. From an implementation and adoption lens, support is needed throughout the journey to create the desired impact on the workforce and their operations. For Fibe, the hunt was for software that could be customised to their needs and they were actively seeking a partner that could support them, address their challenges and be flexible in adapting to their evolving expectations. 

Although the full integration of Akrivia’s suite is yet to be completed, several modules have been launched from Attendance Tracking System (ATS) to Onboarding, which is a part of Akrivia’s Core HR and Talent Suite respectively. 

Along with streamlined workflows and a single source of truth, sustainable working practices were also a desired outcome for Fibe. “Employees are the biggest asset to an organisation. With Akrivia HCM, we are able to engage with the workforce and manage resources efficiently. By going fully digitised, we are eliminating the traditional processes and need for paper-based documents. It will not only help us in monitoring their progress but also help in providing high security to employees' information,” said Kamna Rathod, HRBP at Fibe India.

Elevating Performance Management during Appraisals

Of the modules implemented so far, one which has resulted in a desired organisational change is Akrivia’s Performance Management Module. During the company’s appraisal season this year, which tends to be a very stressful time for the HR function, Akrivia’s support and close participation made the process seamless and smooth. Not only did they fulfil the dynamic requests of Fiber in a very short span of time, but they were also providing 24x7 support and made themselves continuously available. 

The pulse survey carried out by Fibe also highlighted the decisive change seen, it was indeed an impressive transformation and even employees were satisfied with the digital and transparent processes now in place. Performance management when done well could result in multiple benefits from increased employee engagement, and improved work culture to heightened workforce productivity. For a growing organisation like Fibe, this digital transition was critical and imperative.  

What’s the Journey Ahead? 

Aside from the impact on their performance management process, one of the qualities of Akrivia that Fibe values are their customer-centricity. There are regular check-ins to ensure that the platform meets the organisation’s needs on time. While the partnership is at its very early stages, the support Fibe has received from Akrivia is truly commendable. Every collaboration calls for continuous improvement throughout the journey, especially as contexts and expectations change. Having a flexible partner with their software and whose product teams are ready to innovate to meet client needs is truly a game-changer.

We also spoke to Siddharoodha Biradar, Senior Executive-Human Resources (L&D) at Fibe, who is working with the Akrivia team to launch the next module, which is the Learning Management System. He said, “We have been continuously exploring ideas with the Akrivia HCM Team, from implementation to integration to finally making it live. With the movement to a sophisticated learning management system, like that of Akrivia, we aim to make L&D practices more efficient and comprehensive.”

This is indeed a testament to these two companies working together timelessly and tirelessly to unlock the potential of HR Tech and elevate organisational operations. The shift towards digitisation of HR is a journey every enterprise must embark on if they want to build more impactful, people-centric workplaces. But the right partner will play an invaluable role in this endeavour. If you’re looking for someone who can exceed your expectations and address your customised needs to create digitally powerful organisations, schedule your demo with Akrivia HCM today

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