Article: DNA of a superstar recruiter


DNA of a superstar recruiter

If your organization wants to attract and retain good clients, your comprehensive people strategy must include a recruiting and selection strategy that attracts and retains quality employees.
DNA of a superstar recruiter

Recruitment is nothing what it was couple of years ago. With the advent of technology it has surely transformed. Today, candidates also have changed their way of looking at opportunities. They don’t move only for the brand, they move for the opportunity presented to them. 

Many companies find it tough to hire the best talent that is actually looking for move and who would fit in the requirement. One of the major reason for this is finding that one passive candidate who is actually not looking for a change and contacting them at the right point of time with the right message to stimulate them to even respond at all. 

In order to get that right candidate; an organization needs to have a stringent talent acquisition strategy and group of dedicated recruiters. This article will give you an overview of the key strategies a recruiter should apply to recruit faster, better and retain the right candidates. 

  • Don’t Quit!! Yet – like all the James Bond movies that you have watched. You as a recruiter should also not quit or stop trying to find the perfect candidate for the position. A recruiter should never feel complacent, he should always be lookout for a candidate fitting the requirement because our job is never complete till the candidate shows up for work on the first day.

  • Superb Story Tellers- The ability of telling a story is needed in every recruiter today. A company’s brand can be a starting point of your story, but it has to go somewhere. It has to touch the candidate and convince him. The company’s financial reports, history, brand perception in the market can become some data points. As a recruiter it is your responsibility to connect these points and weave a story around it, you have to spellbound them and ensure that they are mesmerized by the opportunity presented by you. Now, this itself is an art, some are born with it and some learn it with experience. 

  • Candidate as Customers—Recruiters should speak to every probable candidate as the sales team speaks to every possible customer. Every candidate that you source and speak is a potential employee. Each one has to be tackled differently, there is no single approach to deal with all your candidate pool. So how do you judge which route to take? In my opinio,n the best way to this would to have a discussion with him before he meets anyone else. You have to understand what his personal aspirations are, reason for looking out? What is the motivation factor behind this move? All this would surely give you a perspective of the candidate and help you judge his fitment in your organization. Cultural fitment has become one of the major reason for a candidates get rejected.

  • Talent Acquisition Process- Recruitment in today's world is fast paced, time is of the essence. Neither your hiring manager nor your candidates are free. They have their own deliverables and they are paid for that. So, you have to make your process of hiring very stringent, effective with a very quick turnaround. Now, how do you do all that and ensure that quality does not suffer, few points that can be done here is -

    The first step can be “Understand the requirement”. Have a discussion with your hiring manager and ask anything that you don't understand. You can in fact note down the “must haves” and “good to have” skills. This would surely help you in finding a perfect fit faster. 

    Secondly -Don’t ambush your hiring manager with 10-15 cvs in one shot, by doing this you might risk losing on a potential good candidate. Instead keep him abreast on good relevant profiles and try and understand what was missing. You want one amazing candidate for your position, and not dozens of prospects.

If your organization wants to attract and retain good clients, your comprehensive people strategy must include a recruiting and selection strategy that attracts and retains quality employees. Following a well-thought-out, structured process will help you best match the right people to the right jobs in your company.

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