Article: Foster a long-term talent service partnership

Talent Acquisition

Foster a long-term talent service partnership

A long-term talent service partnership helps ensure a comprehensive match between the employer and the candidate
Foster a long-term talent service partnership

Organizations always look for a talent partner who can operate with transparency and high ethical values


Talent acquisition has always been at the apex of organizational growth, but with the increasing gap in demand and supply, it has become all the more crucial for organizations. The ever increasing acceptability of Indian talent across the world has also widened the gap leading to an intense talent war. This has led to a significant overhaul in the way organizations approach talent acquisition. There is a clear shift from traditional methods of sourcing resumes and maintaining databases towards social media, mobile apps and other technological advancements aiding cost-effective recruitment. Adoption of social media has been the most prominent trend that has caught the imagination of many recruiters. At the same time, organizations are also focusing strongly on the cost of the hiring processes while assessing the ‘return on investment’ of the hired talent.

Emerging cost-effective alternatives

As most employers are looking at just-in-time hiring and referral hiring, there is a focused demand for specialized skills at affordable costs. Hence, contract employment and outsourcing are emerging as major trends in hiring. Recruiters are switching to social media based apps, recruitment softwares, mobile apps and digital ads, making the process more focused and cost-effective. There is a plethora of apps and online platforms that allow recruiters to access a wide range of skills-specific resumes, connect and engage with potential candidates and even reach out to passive talent for their future talent needs. is one such medium that emerged from a similar thought process. Video-based resumes and online interview tools are also facilitating speedier screening and selection process.

Data analytics is another tool that has enabled the measurement of return on investment for the new recruits and the potential ones as well. It has also made the talent acquisition process more organized, transparent and reliable from being an intuition-based game as it was with the traditional methods. With the rise in mobile and web technologies for recruitments, the recruiters have also started innovating in various ways they can utilize these technologies to generate maximum value out of the hiring process. This innovation is also a key driver in making the recruiters’ job more convenient, enriching and result-oriented, which is also the motto of

The wider reach and technology enabled access to information has ensured a stronger knowledge building connect between the employees and employers. Organizations can now simultaneously create a network of recruiters, existing employees, active and passive candidates and potential hires through various communities and groups online. These platforms bring people together, allowing them to contribute to a rich pool of knowledge and gain from others, while connecting and engaging with potential employers or employees.

Talent partnerships should be long-term

It goes without saying that organizations need to choose a talent service partner carefully as they are the ones who provide the organizations their most important asset – people. However, talking of cost-effective recruitment strategies, the first and foremost check should be fostering a talent service partnership for the long term. It is very important for a recruiter to be able to carry the employer brand well, in order to be able to identify and recruit the best-fit. A long-term talent service partnership allows the recruiters more time to imbibe the employer brand and its values.

A good recruitment service partner is able to facilitate and establish a comprehensive match between an employer and a candidate, combining wider dimensions of selection than just compensation. In most hiring processes, it’s the recruitment service partner who is able to create a win-win association between the organization and the employee. Therefore, organizations always look out for a talent partner who can operate with transparency and high ethical values so that the entire process of hiring can remain qualitatively superior.

In times of rapidly changing and improving technologies, a talent partner is also always expected to be able to innovate and bring fresh value-addition to the hiring process. Gone are the days of resume sourcing and maintaining an organization’s candidate database. Nowadays, the relationship of an organization with a talent partner has gone way beyond the usual as a strong talent partner can be the catalyst in an organization’s overall growth.

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