Article: Get to the pulse of Talent Acquisition Landscape- Aon CoCube Study

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Get to the pulse of Talent Acquisition Landscape- Aon CoCube Study

Want to benchmark your Talent Acquisition practices against leading organizations? Participate in Aon CoCubes hiring study 2017- Talent Acquisition Pulse India 2017 Study.
Get to the pulse of Talent Acquisition Landscape- Aon CoCube Study

The role of Talent Acquisition professionals is changing swiftly. The changing business requirements, the advent of hiring technologies, generational changes, skill gaps, etc. has uprooted traditional recruitment strategies.

In an attempt to uncover the talent landscape- the paradigm shift in talent acquisition, different sources of hiring, changing priorities, Aon CoCubes has launched their annual talent acquisition survey. This study seeks to deliver insights on how leading organizations are creating an engaging candidate experiences while selecting the best talent for your organization’s needs.

Following are the key pillars of the study:

Talent Acquisition Priorities- 2018: 

What are your organization’s top hiring priorities? Is it about having a well-formed strategy to attract passive talent? Or leveraging social networks for sourcing right candidate? Or it may be becoming a trusted talent advisor to the business.

Talent Acquisition Pulse survey endeavors to understand the capability gaps in hiring challenges faced by organizations in hiring and subsequently study the priorities for the next year.

Employer Branding & Candidate Engagement:

According to 2016 Aon Hewitt hiring trends report, rising margin pressures and branding woes gave rise to alternative approaches such as social sourcing and employee referrals. Components that amplify the employer brand witnessed increased investments. This year, the extensive study deep-dives to see what organizations are doing differently in the areas of employer branding and candidate engagement.

Shifting Mindset:

In an attempt to make the study broader, the survey doesn’t only aim at just hiring outlook but delves into a more strategic aspect of hiring by questioning organizations on different parameters to identify the metrics help understand the shifting mindset of Talent Acquisition and what has become critical.

Cost and speed of hiring have always been critical metrics in defining the success of recruitment. However, it will be interesting to know the parameters defined by leading organizations that define the effectiveness and efficiency of the hiring process.

Talent Acquisition & Technology Adoption:

Organizations recruiting talent now compete on a battlefield shaped by globalized businesses, mobility and social media. Confronted with a scarcity of key skills and the emerging talent demands, organizations are accommodating new methodologies to attract talent. Technology can be seen as the panacea here. 

Aon CoCubes Talent Acquisition pulse delves into the current technologies used by the Talent Acquisition team and identifies the desired set of technologies that they look forward to supporting their hiring needs. 

Aon CoCubes Talent Acquisition Pulse study looks beyond hiring thus making it one of its kind Talent focused study. It looks at the larger value proposition of Talent Acquisition and zooms into key focus areas for the function. This year the study attempts to highlight and understand the changes in the hiring trends, identify future challenges and suggest the best course of action for employers, recruiters and hiring managers in India. To participate in this year’s edition of the Talent Acquisition Pulse India 2017 Study click here

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