Article: Editorial: India Growth Story - Scene Two, Act One


Editorial: India Growth Story - Scene Two, Act One

Editorial for December 2010 issue

This issue is about taking a step back and looking ahead. It is about appreciating the relatively greater standing of India in the global order, which, ironically, was pushed forward because of the economic crisis that still besieges most western economies. It is also about understanding the trends going ahead and the challenges in achieving a few decades of high growth like China has achieved over the last three.
The confluence of minds slated to attend and contribute to the National HRD Network Conference 2010, has given People Matters the fantastic opportunity of talking to a vast array of thought leaders from diverse backgrounds – Government, Policy, Business Leaders and Academia – about a theme which is futuristic. The talks, discussions and interviews cover trends in global economy and globalization, leadership and its emerging styles, systemic changes in the Indian way of doing business, collective global challenges, people management and labor markets & governance and ethics.
For this opportunity and for the wealth of informed views and opinions, we thank all the leaders we spoke to and specially, the organizing team of the 14th NHRDN Conference. The event from the 1st to the 3rd of December promises to be enthralling and insightful.
Also in this issue, we bring you results of the Tata Consultancy Services Survey on “Benchmarking Gender Inclusion in Corporate India” conducted by People Matters. This report is a compilation of information from 116 organizations across sectors and gives a unique insight into the gender metrics, relevant practices and policies regarding gender inclusion in Corporate India. Along with the findings, we have also compiled specific views from business and HR leaders on how organizations are identifying the importance of women as important stakeholders in their businesses and how they plan to harness the power of women as leaders.
Finally, the contribution by Aron Ain – ‘IT/ITeS sector at the crossroads’ makes for very interesting reading and is laden with interesting viewpoints on the challenges companies in these sectors face.
Happy reading. We look forward to seeing you at the 14th NHRDN Annual Conference in December.

Ester Martinez

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Topics: C-Suite, Talent Acquisition

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