Article: Is hiring only HR problem?

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Is hiring only HR problem?

Hiring is a time consuming and exhausting task. But is it the responsibility of HR alone? How can business manager help HR with the hiring process? Read on to know more.
Is hiring only HR problem?

In companies where resources are scarce, hiring becomes a time consuming, challenging and an exhaustive affair. Finding people who are motivated to work hard, competent and passionate is an uphill task for the employers. This is where a hiring manager can pitch in and help solve the hiring challenges faced by the companies.The collective participation of the hiring and business managers is essential for the smooth flow of the screening process. The challenge is to find quality applicants, streamline the hiring process, and manage candidate experience, training, compliance, and retention. According to TOI HR Survey, 60% of the HR leaders in India ranked greater alignment of HR with business as the top HR Game Changer.

How can Hiring Manager/Business Groups be part of it?

  • Resume Screening: Business managers can kick start the screening process by using ATS, social media tools and use online code/personality/functionality based assessment methods to eliminate the candidates who do not possess the requisite qualifications. The candidates could be screened further through in-person interviews, panel interviews or video interviews. HCL, Wockhardt, Accenture, Wipro uses some of these tools cut down turnaround time to process the candidates. As per the one of the Popular Video interview platform they had recorded 50% reduction in time to hire lateral candidates and overall 60% reduction in eliminating non-qualified resumes.

  • Digitization: The impact of technology on the recruitment process in the recent years has been profound. New age tools such as application tracking system, resume management system, cloud-based hiring tools, and data analytics help recruiters discover potential candidates and get a holistic view of the applicants. The key for the hiring manager is to keep a tab on the latest technological trends and take advantage of the benefits they offer in the recruiting process. IT industry has seen signification amount of increase in Tool adoption such as ATS, Resume Screening Tools, Referral tools, onboarding tools.

  • Referral Program: A good referral program can help in building a good company culture. Employees often refer friends and family when they believe in the work culture of the company, enjoy the flexibility and benefits the company offers and are satisfied with the growth opportunities. Driving Employee Referral program can yield good results. Wipro, Accenture, TCS had gamified referral programs through online platforms and they had roped in e-commerce sites to directly redeem the referral bonus points.

  • Post offer: Follow Up: Business managers can also pitch in with post-offer follow up the process to help the candidates join the company. They can appraise the candidate about the work culture, create a welcoming atmosphere, and discuss the challenges, goals, and mission of the company. A post-hire follow-up call is also a good time to review the hiring conditions and make amendments on mutual consent. Companies like Allstate, Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra had started engaging yet to join candidates through High-Tea sessions, dinner connects to share more insights.

  • Industry Events: Hiring managers must attend industry events to comprehend the market requirement and their role in building capability and developing leaders in their organization. They must take advantage of the networking opportunities the events offer, connect with the industry leaders and get an in-depth view of the emerging trends. Recent of them are Hackathon, Webinars, Product launches, round table events etc.
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