Article: One brand, one vision

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One brand, one vision

D.N.Prasad, Member of the APAC HR Leadership team & Director for People Services in APAC, Google talks to People Matters
One brand, one vision

At Google, we believe Googlers are the best ambassadors and therefore, every Googler is encouraged to take accountability and act as an owner

What’s Google talent brand: There are three guiding principles for the Google brand – that it be Unique, True and Compelling. At Google, we don’t have a talent brand that is different from employer brand. We believe that our internal brand, talent brand and the employer (organization) brand are all the same, and, represents what the organization stands for – great people, challenging work, culture of innovation, solving hard problems to make the world a better place. If I’m the potential recruit, then my beliefs and values should ideally match that of the organization I’m joining. Precisely the reason why we have a rigorous, hiring process, because we want to hire people who have shared values with Google and therefore “walk the talk” is easy when they come into the organization. Is the “Brand” what the candidates look for I believe that no one joins an organization just for a brand, not anymore. They look for a career and...
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