Article: Online assessment tools: Not good for pre-hiring?

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Online assessment tools: Not good for pre-hiring?

Indian firms are yet to use online assessment tools for pre-hiring process: SHRM & Mettl India Online Assessment Report

Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management, in association with Mettl (an online assessment platform to measure, analyze and improve people skills), today unveiled “India online assessment report 2014-2015”. The report, which focuses on the usage, administration, challenges and future of online assessment tools in organizations, has been published after SHRM-Mettl conducted an online survey of 361 organizations.

Companies from sectors such as IT, manufacturing, retail, pharmaceuticals, and financial services participated in the survey. One of the key outcomes of the survey is that most Indian companies prefer using online assessment tools for employee engagement, training and development and career progressions, while only few use them for hiring purposes.

SHRM-Mettl report reveals that while a number of online assessment tools are available in today’s market, many organizations still are apprehensive to use them for various reasons. 36.09% organizations prefer face-face assessments/interviews rather than online assessment due to inability of the candidate to take online test. 26.32% of the organizations avoid usage of online assessment tools due to the cost involved in procurement and administration. Only 23.82% of the organizations mentioned they have had good experience in using online assessment tools with the bulk being large organizations. Companies that have switched to online assessment tools from pen & paper, thus making technology the preferred mode, reported 100% satisfaction. The key parameters for organizations while procuring an online assessment tool are cost, content customization, and ease of administration and validity of the product.

Key highlights are:

  1. Most organizations prefer using online assessment tools for Employee engagement, Training and Development and Promotions/ Career progressions, while only few use them for external / internal hiring purposes
  2. 70.53% organizations do provide online assessment insights to hiring managers, helping them with reference points for future hiring
  3. 23.82% of the organizations have had good experience in using online assessment tools, out of which 61.6% are large organizations

Achal Khanna, CEO, SHRM India Operations, said, “Organizations are increasingly realizing the importance and effectiveness of online assessment tools and most of them are using these tools for employee engagement and training. However, we also discovered from survey results that online assessment tools are yet to find favour with most organizations in their pre-hiring process. I believe organizations need to select candidates with the right attitude and behavioural traits so that they seamlessly fit into the company's culture and turn out to be a high performer. It is here that online assessment tools can play a critical role in the pre-hiring stage.”

Tonmoy Shingal, COO, Mettl Inc., said, “The Online Assessments report not only uncovers many ‘symptoms’ and rising trends, but probes deeper to arrive at the reasons that drive such statistics. It is a veritable pool of incisive insights that HR professionals and recruiters will find indispensable to refine their roadmap this year.”

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