Article: Gear up for recruitment 2.0: Sundara Rajan


Gear up for recruitment 2.0: Sundara Rajan

Information technology can be effectively used to provide a great deal of sophistication to the recruitment process
Gear up for recruitment 2.0: Sundara Rajan

A big benefit of the online delivery model is the shrinkage of time, effort and cost without much loss of information fidelity


Every organization wants to hire the brightest and the smartest candidate who fits the most in every position the organization has in the shortest time and at the lowest cost!! Phew... Sounds a tall order?? This challenge has spurred on many a technology-savvy organization to create and deliver solutions to meet such high customer expectations. 

When making a decision to recruit a candidate, organizations try to measure parameters like adaptability, sociability, emotionality, well-being, self control, and cognition fluid intelligence, behavioural fit and self motivation. Current technologies allow each of these to be measured in detail online without having to physically travel or meet the candidates.

A big benefit of the online delivery model is the shrinkage of time, effort and cost without much loss of information fidelity. This benefit is visible in large scale recruitment drives and campus recruitments which have a small window for assessing candidates. Organizations wanting to save on its overall recruitment costs, need to consider investing in an online assessment partner, who can provide a comprehensive and a tailor made solution to their needs.

While tools provide inputs about individual candidates, information technology can be harnessed to provide a great deal of sophistication to the recruitment process itself. Most organizations start with the premise that the recruitment team or HR team knows exactly what they are seeking in a candidate. Often, companies and recruitment teams end up using their judgment or dust the past years standards as yardsticks for setting the thresholds for candidates.

A more robust and a sophisticated approach would be to use HR analytics to drill deeper into the performance matrices and map the parameters common to performers in the top quartile. Such an approach, apart from being non judgmental, provides a data driven, ground up approach to setting the benchmarks for future recruitment and has the potential to continuously raise the quality of intake in the company. It also provides opportunity for the company to set the bars right for differently-abled candidates and remove discrimination in the recruitment process. Technology is evolving so rapidly that some of the following emerging trends may become the norm in future:

Video resumes: Some companies have taken advantage of the rapid strides in communication technology and have encouraged candidates to file their video resumes for recruiters to get a feel of the person beyond the standard text based resume.

Automated voice/Video screening: All one has to do is to tell the system who they want to screen and what questions they would like to ask. After setting the link, one can relax until the candidate’s answers start arriving to their inbox. The candidates can call whenever it’s convenient. Once the candidates complete the phone/video screens, you can access and share the recordings of the screens at your convenience.

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