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Talent Acquisition

Reengineering Recruitment

It is time for HR managers to reengineer traditional models of hiring
Reengineering Recruitment

An effective recruitment strategy is to plan and execute hiring with minimal input and maximum output


Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies. Persistence and determination are not executed by the plan; they are executed by people. Effective recruitment of such people is critical to growing a prosperous business.

Traditionally, recruiters have taken pride in being able to identify the exact match from a big list of candidates. They are the sharp shooters who help identify and target the best from the talent pool. Then if the recruiters are adept and good at sourcing CVs of potential employees, why is filling up positions still such a challenge for most companies? That’s because majority of recruiter’s time (67 per cent) is spent in follow up and administrative transactions. We will have to move away from traditional models and towards building a more effective recruitment engine by segregating the art and science to get maximum output. The simple three steps are 1. Establish Sourcing COE, 2. Create Impression Center and 3. Leverage Technology.

First step is to establish a Sourcing COE, a center of excellence group with clear focus on identifying the exact source of the candidate. Dedicated focus should be on hiring through non-paid channels. Technology acts as enabler by integrating with social media. Online internal referral programme, social media integrated sourcing, crawlers on the net to flag matching candidates, help fish out the passive candidates. General Job boards are dying; we need to go niche to get what we want. We need to be visible everywhere online. Dive into mobile marketing (Mobile is not just a phone, its text, e-mail, video and web), get a corporate Facebook page (believe it or not, this is the best way to connect with people), start a LinkedIn group, be accessible though instant messaging on your website, create free whitepapers, eBooks and PPTs, host an online video show on YouTube (talk about your employer branding), run referral programs online, build a better career site, use your company blog to drive talent, get on the micro blogs… especially twitter, automate your sourcing efforts through web crawlers, conduct virtual job fairs, stay active in specific industry online groups, host free webinars on hot topics.

The next step is to enhance optimal results from CV pool and enhance people experience in the process. Break down the process into various steps: CV shortlist, assessment, line interview, HR interview, reference check, documentation, offer and joining. Once the steps are identified, then establish the Turn Around Time (TAT) for each of these steps to get better results, post which technology enables us to create an Impression Center. Candidates and interviewers can connect on a helpline number (1800) for accessing information easily. Online assessment engine and video interviewing tool gives candidate easy access to complete interview rounds. Customer satisfaction, team hours saved through technology intervention and constant measurement of TAT at each process will lead to lean and controlled recruitment operations also enhancing the customer brand in the market. The endeavor is to reduce time spent on transaction-based activities on non-qualified candidates.

All the re-engineering & breaking down of process steps would not work without the backbone of technology. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will help get all the different teams on the same platform and minimize transmission loss by automating the recruitment workflow. ATS also works as a connector with all the various technologies in the process. A cloud platform, which can easily integrate various sourcing tools, assessment engines and also seamlessly reach out to all stakeholders through social media, is the need of the hour. Now you are all set to move to version 2.0 of your recruitment process. Happy recruiting.

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