Article: Right person, right seat: Find the big ideas set to shape talent acquisition in 2023

Talent Acquisition

Right person, right seat: Find the big ideas set to shape talent acquisition in 2023

There is an unknown world that beckons us at work today but are we ready? This new year, become a part of People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference ’23 to get your A-game on.
Right person, right seat: Find the big ideas set to shape talent acquisition in 2023

There has been a lot of discussion around what do employers mean when they say right people and what is it that makes a person right for a job role. While the talk has been ongoing for quite some time, in recent past, it has gained traction with the sparse talent pipeline. As the struggle for attraction and retention of talent intensifies, employers have no other choice but to build better talent strategies that will help in 2023. 

While talent shortage has brought with it a host of challenges, one of the key troubles is the shortage of skills. And while there is a lot of talk around the importance of hard skills in the economy today, we can never forget the change brought on by soft skills. Coz hard skills may get you the job of your dreams but only soft skills will help you climb that ladder of success. 

With the adoption of hybrid model, organisations, who are eager to win the talent war, are also encouraging flexible work so as to give the talent the choice to work from anywhere in the world and allowing them the comfort to design their own work schedules. Along with it, new talent is also looking at diversity and inclusion, not just as an add-on but as a reflection seen in culture, policies, processes and programs. 

While compensation might have taken the backseat after the pandemic, it is still not out of the race as a way to attract new talent. Employees like to choose their benefits and perks to suit their own needs and preferences as opposed to the general rule of ‘one for all.’ While these are some of the trends that will stay in the workplace in the year to come, what is right person, right seat really? 

Let’s try to understand the concept better. There are a few attributes that every company considers as core-values, that drives the purpose of the firm and builds the brand. If a person possess these key attributes, then they are the right person. The right seat has more to do with the individual: does the person have the capability to do it, really wants the job and gets it. If both answers are in alignment and agreement, you might have cracked the code. But this is just one example of the EOS model. 

If you are looking for more of these strategies, then join us at People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference 2023 where we let you in on the secret of winning talent as you get your A-Game On. This year, our themes don’t merely focus on strategies but tools, tech and talent and the ways to build them all. Here are the four themes: 

Winning Strategy 

The first theme explores the skills your business needs and finding them within and outside the organisation. Once that’s achieved, aligning talent to the highest-value opportunities to fuel the growth of the individual and the organisation. 

Winning Technology

Technology plays a critical role in businesses today and deploying the relevant solution using tech to drive unconventional ways of sourcing, interviewing, hiring, onboarding and managing potential and existing talent. 

Winning Experience 

The third theme revolves around designing candidate and employee journey so as to positively impact their growth, engagement and wellbeing. Organisations need to explore ways to create unique, personalised and inclusive experience for all.

Winning Inclusion and Belongingness

As the world is getting closer with borderless hiring, the gap between the employer and candidate is widening with differing expectations. Leveraging people analytics to bridge the employer-employee divide for better collaboration and communication can help design an inclusive workplace. 

While you might think that we are all figuring it out as we go, the pressure is on with recession, inflation, emergence of massive skills gap, layoffs and mental health issues. There is no time to think anymore, so come join us at People Matters Talent Acquisition Conference where leaders from across the globe will enlighten you on how to ‘Get Your A-Game On’ now. Register now 

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