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SEO in the Google for jobs era

Steven Z. Ehrlich, Senior Vice-President at TMP Worldwide, led a fascinating session on SEO in the Google for Jobs Era during the TechHR17 Conference

'Google for Jobs' is live, and they have set out to alter the job seeker experience. Steven Z. Ehrlich, Senior Vice-President at TMP Worldwide, led a fascinating session on the first day of TechHR 2017- SEO in the Google for Jobs Era. 

With Google for jobs all set to revolutionize the job search space through a Jobs Application Programming interface that is capable of recognizing the keywords or terms that apply to similar job profiles and clustering them together, it will make searching for jobs far easier than it is.


Steven, in his session, reveals the elements that job portals can use to align their recruitment strategy with this paradigm shift to maintain and improve visibility across job openings on Google and beyond.

1.     SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a method of inbound marketing that enables web pages to be searched and tracked by Google, Bing and other search engines. Make sure that job descriptions and posts are searchable by different search engines. Include keywords relevant to the job posts and the candidates one is looking out for.

2.    Job descriptions

Job descriptions are a primary way to connect with active or passive candidates. It is also a great tool for communicating expectations to the audience. Keep job descriptions relevant, clear and concise. Today a lot of organizations are also adopting new methods to communicate their requirements like video job description.

3.    Contextually relevant content

On an average, a general job description consists of 513 words. And at an average reading speed, it takes 157 seconds to read 500 words. And research suggests that 44 percent of the completed applications come from candidates who interact with nothing more than a job description. Hence, the organizations need to provide relevant content to job seekers.

4.    Compelling employer branding 

In this war of talent, it is imperative for employees to build a compelling employer brand in order to attract and hire the best. Communicate your brand on various social media platforms and always include keywords that allow candidates to find the post.

5.    Engagement by story-telling

Engage the target audience i.e. the candidates through story-telling. Communicating your brand using story-telling will help to intrigue, engage, and connect emotionally with the target audience.

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