Article: Six things you need to do to refresh recruitment

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Six things you need to do to refresh recruitment

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Re-writing the recruiting rule book is about making your recruiting function talent-centric, collaborative, engaging and productive. Heres how you should do it
Six things you need to do to refresh recruitment

HR has been undergoing a fundamental shift in the last decade.  And it’s driven largely off of a shortage of employees and talent. Every day 10,000 employees will turn 65 years old for next 20 years – leading to a mass exodus leaving the workplace, making talent – skills and experience one of the significant business issues. And the changing demography comes with its own challenges. 

Recruiters today need to know a candidate – not just who, but what skills, how to find them, how to retain them, how to align their talent, experience and interest to the company’s strategy – to ensure that there is a win-win.  This would require a new way of thinking that is focused on the needs of the employee and the business, not the HR Specialist and the Manager.  As we embarked on our development efforts, we knew that the solutions needed to be talent-centric, collaborative, and intelligent, engaging and productive. These requirements became the core tenets of our modern HR strategy. And that means innovating on social, intelligence and delivering a new class of solutions that covered wellness and employee reputation management.

Here are six key elements that were instrumental to our success:

  1. Senior management coverage of the program: You need to have support from the top down in the organisation.  Successful CEOs will cite talent – hiring, retention, and development - as being one of the most if not THE most important factor to succeed in their businesses.  CEOs must lead by example in having recruitment as a constant feature in their business review meetings.

  2. Organizational Setup (free the Recruiters from F2F interviews, etc): Recruitment is tough.  There is so much competition out there for top talent.  Recruiters need to be free to constantly search the external market for new talent, presenting your organisation to that talent in a meaningful way.  They cannot do this if they are performing the duties that can be undertaken by the hiring manager or someone in his/her team such as scheduling interviews, writing job descriptions, moving people around internally, performing face to face interviews etc.  You need to free them from these duties to allow them time for the hard work such as cold calling prospective hires.

  3. Headhunting skills in the team: Recruiters need to be sales people by nature.  You need to approach each external candidate as a salesperson would approach a prospective sale.  Good talent needs to be identified and then nurtured into joining your organization.  A good recruiter will spend most of their day on the phone actually talking to prospective hires as opposed to hiding behind emails.

  4. Recruiting is an internal service in competition with external agencies that you pay for: Any in-house team needs to be better than the external recruitment agencies operating in their market.  And you need to be better on all fronts – time to hire, the cost of hire, quality of hire, the volume of hires.  Therefore, you need the best recruiters available to work in-house for you.

  5. Sales oriented compensation model for the Recruiters: If you want to attract the best external recruiters to join your company you need to compensate them commensurate to what they will get paid in the external agency model.  Recruiters should have a base salary and a variable element which is linked to their individual performance and offers significant earning potential for hiring the best talent in the quickest possible time into your organisation.

  6. Increase the share of voice: Let the market know that you are hiring, that you have a cool company, get social!  In this day of extreme competition for talent, you need to ensure you have a strong employer brand.  This does not need to cost a fortune.  It can be done effectively by using your own employee's networks and getting your whole organisation to be more socially vocal by sharing interesting content.  A smartly run social media campaign can reap huge rewards in relation to promoting your organization as a great place to work. 

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