Article: Smarter recruitment decisions with workforce intelligence

Talent Acquisition

Smarter recruitment decisions with workforce intelligence

EY believes in hiring talent that demonstrates integrity, respect and teaming with a vision to build a better working world
Smarter recruitment decisions with workforce intelligence

Recruitment is undergoing a major transformation with social media platforms and analytics coming into play. The war for talent has made organizations look at various ways in which they can source the best-in-class talent and retain it. EY being one of the fastest growing professional services organization with a vision of creating highest performing teams depends on its people to identify, develop and retain the best talent in the market. 

To ensure we find the best, our talent acquisition team has been structured and customized for the size and needs of the organization. With specialized functions run by dedicated teams on the basis of their expertise such as database management, market research, sourcing and stakeholder management etc., it has helped the organization in improving the quality of hire and also in providing exceptional service to its internal stakeholders.

Hiring millennials

Millennials are the future of businesses and EY is committed to hiring the best from campuses across the country. Year on year we have increased our brand presence through various campus engagement programs including the EY Scholarship Program, Campus Anchor Program etc. These initiatives aim at giving young graduates an opportunity to meet our leaders, seek information, understand the organization structure, values and culture thus gaining insights into what life at EY is really like.

A strong referral channel

At EY, we believe in broadening our hiring scope to maintain a strong and healthy mix for sourcing the best talent from referrals, social media, recruitment agencies and campus hiring.

This has helped in creating a ready database of diverse talent that feeds smoothly into our normal recruiting stream. We pride ourselves in our strong referral contribution, a whopping 46 percent for the last year with the referral percentage for some of our large practices soaring close to 50 percent. With this referral program we are able to encourage our employees to share high potential talent from the market and build better, long-lasting and well-bonded working teams.

Social media connect

Developing and maintaining strong candidate pools is the need of the hour. Building relationships ahead of demand ensures that even in crisis, our recruiters will be able to act quickly to fill pressing hiring needs. It is imperative to take an interactive approach that builds a community based on sharing information with candidates/prospective candidates, even if that information is not about specific job openings it keeps the candidate pool responsive.

With the advent of social media platforms, we have invested and shall continue to invest in digital platforms to tap active and passive talent. Our team currently uses various social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter etc. for recruitments and to stay connected with the market. Hiring via social channels ensure that we are in sync with the rhythm of the growing digital platforms. 

Data analytics

Analyzing and curating data to measure and improve hiring is important in order to move away from traditional recruitment methods dominated by instinct and begin to master the ability of turning everyday data into recruiting intelligence.

EY uses an approach that is focused on utilizing workforce intelligence — the combination of HR analytics and strategic workforce planning to answer most critical recruiting questions and improve the team’s business impact. 

This data-driven method enables a seamless way to connect all employee data — from sourcing to hire and beyond — and also tie this into our strategic workforce planning. With this complete picture, recruiters are able to meet the demands of the organization more easily and effectively.

Diversity focus

EY recognizes the importance of diverse teams that help serve clients better and create a competitive edge for the organization. We as an organization have taken it upon ourselves to ensure a healthy gender ratio at all levels by promoting and hiring more women employees. Special initiatives are being run at the organization wide level to promote gender diversity and to prevent unconscious bias. Re-enforcement from the leadership also helps us in recognizing the value in diversity, the importance of the entire organization embodying diversity, and in taking significant steps towards fulfilling diversity-driven hiring agenda. 

Overall EY believes in hiring talent that demonstrates integrity, respect and teaming with a vision to build a better working world.

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