Article: TA Leadership League Week Webinar - Recruitment Vs. Strategic TA

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TA Leadership League Week Webinar - Recruitment Vs. Strategic TA

On the second day of TA Leadership League week we had Ajit Dias, Head-Human Resources, Ginger Hotels with us for a webinar on Recruitment vs Strategic TA. 
TA Leadership League Week Webinar - Recruitment Vs. Strategic TA

Talent acquisition is the new priority for HR professionals. With the demand increasing in its growth and dwindling supply, good talent is needed across all sectors. Strategic talent acquisition is necessary to fill the void created by the expansion of the organisation in today’s competitive world. With the increase in pressure to find the right talent, it’s become imperative to use innovative techniques to get right match of qualified talent. 

“But before we get in the ‘how’ of talent acquisition there needs to be a clear understanding of what skills are required by the organisation and where exactly do we find the talent” remarked Ajit.  The need of the organisation needs to be thoroughly analyzed to find the right solutions to talent acquisition.  One solution cannot fit every problem.  There also needs to be a tie in with the future vision of the company to find the right talent for the present. Clarity of the future would help HR professionals take the right decision for the present. It should be in tune with the direction that the company is planning to take in the future. The importance of how the hiring should be made on a clear job criteria and not purely on instincts was also made. 

The key to a successful talent acquisition lies in the proper mapping out of competencies. To have a clear established idea of what is necessary in terms of competencies would help HR professionals move beyond the regular knowledge based assessment of the candidates. It would be beneficial to define a set of competencies that drives the organizations culture and values.  Creation of an exhaustive competencies map would facilitate better understanding of what is currently required by the organisation. This is imperative for proper talent acquisition. 

In the long term, Ajit mentioned the criticality of the positions required to be prioritized and an understanding of how it merged with the brands vision to get the right talent.  In order to make talent acquisition strategic in nature, he stressed on the need to have a candidate relationship management program. It was also necessary to make the right arguments in favour of talent acquisition within the company by the HR professionals. For any effective acquisition plan to run there needs to be investments towards the right infrastructure like big data applications and predictive analysis. These help in finding a better ways to acquire talent.  This would also help transfer learning within the organisation more effectively. And finally to assess any talent acquisition plan, indicators for success should be created to map out the effectiveness of the talent acquisition plan.  


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