Article: Talent acquisition - Are you doing what it takes?

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Talent acquisition - Are you doing what it takes?

This cover story presents actionable advice from leaders on recruitment trends, technology, and practices to optimize your talent acquisition efforts, and also unveils the survey research India Hiring Outlook 2018.
Talent acquisition - Are you doing what it takes?
Jll organizations want and need talent. But how equipped are organizations to search the talent pool? Are organizations truly doing what it takes to build their recruiter brands? Are they leveraging the next gen tools and models to calibrate hiring processes and build recruiter capabilities? Are organizations using advanced analytics to improve candidate sourcing? Talent acquisition is not just about hiring anymore. It is an amalgamation of frameworks and encompasses concepts like employer brand strategy, candidate experience, recruiting optimization, talent partnership and last but not the least, engagement. And from being metrics-driven to tech savvy, recruiters and hiring leaders need to learn the fundamentals of recruiting right and right recruiting to establish credibility and build sustainable relationships with candidates and clients alike. This cover story presents People Matters – Indeed Study on “India Hiring Outlook 2017-18” that captures trends in talent...
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